Cards minor league working rosters: 3/21/13

How St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguers are currently organized in spring training camp.

As St. Louis Cardinals minor league training camp continues into its second week of games, changes to the working rosters are occurring. Some are external, as in the case of players being sent down from major league camp. Others are releases of players deemed non-competitive for their targeted minor league level of play.

Eight such players fit in that latter category, no longer listed on the working rosters below. Further information about the releases can be found here, here and here. In addition, minor league Rule 5 addition Matt Cerda has left camp and is considering his future plans. His status will be updated when resolved.

P Aguliar released
Mitchem released
1B Bergin released
IF Barbuena released
R DeLaCruz released
OF Lizcano released
R Williams released
V Hill released

Nine players have been added to the Memphis working roster from St. Louis in the last week – eight pitchers plus infielder Ryan Jackson. The domino effect of those changes led to four pitchers moving from Memphis to Springfield.

Even so, as the data below indicates, there is a space problem. 17 pitchers are with Memphis and 16 more in Springfield are competing for at most 12 jobs at each level. Add to that four more pitchers yet to be cut from St. Louis and you can get a feel for the size of the jam.

The large numbers of pitchers at Peoria are less troublesome, as the less-experienced arms that do not come north with the team can continue to compete at extended spring training camp.

There is also a current excess of catchers, at least one at each level, but a liberal use of the disabled list is a common solution to those issues. Infielders and outfielders are also a couple of players high on each working roster compared to likely opening day needs.

While the position player group is mostly constant from the last report, outfielder Michael Swinson was moved from Springfield to Peoria 1 and David Popkins went from Palm Beach to Peoria 1.

As always, these working rosters are shared for your interest. Please remember they are written in pencil until camp breaks at the end of the month. All players that moved levels since last week's rosters were published are noted in bold.

St. Louis Cardinals working minor league spring training rosters – 3/21/13

Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Peoria 1 Peoria 2
P Additon (L) Almarante Y Castillo Aldrete Bautista
Blazek Blair Cooney (L) Baker Booden
Browning Corrigan Cornelius (L) Cuda DeLosSantos
Butler Delgado  Creath  DeLeon  Donofrio 
Ri Castillo Ferrara (L) Gaviglio S Garcia Foody (L)
Fornataro Hald (L) H Hernandez (L) Harris Gerdel
Gast (L) Kiekhefer (L) Jenkins  Helisek (L) Jones
Gorgen A Lucas Llorens Heyer Lee 
Greenwood (L) McGregor Paulino S Lopez  J Lucas 
Hooker  T Miller  Stock  Melling (L) Paredes
Lyons (L) Miranda (L) Villanueva (L) O'Shea (L) Perdomo
Marte Nazario (L) Wyatt  Petrick Perry 
Rondon Russell  Polanco Rauh 
Sanchez Sherriff (L) Renfro (L) Sabatino (L)
Siegrist K Thomas Scanio Tuivailala
Wacha Whiting Shaban Wittels
Wright (L) Stoppelman(L)
C Thomas 
C J Castillo  Keener Bean J Gomez L Cruz
Klein Montero Ehrlich Lewis Godoy
Tartamella Rasmus Velazco Wick J Lopez 
1B Jon Rodriguez D Medina Schaffer Argenal Almaraz 
Scruggs Stienstra Washington
IF Albitz Gil Mejia Caldwell R Garcia
Curtis Lu Mateo C Kelly  Martin  R Medina
Jackson Pritchard B Valera Le Mateo Peoples-Walls 
Lemmerman Rahmatulla  C Valera Melchionda Wiley 
S Rodriguez M Williams Vargas L Perez
Walsh  Wisdom Wilson 
OF Edmondson An Garcia McElroy Apelian  Acevedo
Huffman Longmire S Ramos Bryant Capellan
O'Neill Martini Walton Ro Castillo Deol
Peterson Melker  Young  Jeffries  Y Gonzalez
Pham Piscotty Popkins Parque
Romak Ramsey Swinson
Swauger Tilson

Following are nine pitchers on rehab plans. Two players, Carlos Martinez and Robelys Reyes, are still delayed by non-approved visas with no estimated date of arrival.

All of these are identical to last week's names.

P Barraclough
B Freeman (L)
A Reyes
Voss (L)
P Martinez
IF R Reyes

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