Buchanan is content with his progress

This time last season, David Buchanan was wondering why he was experiencing pain in a finger on his throwing hand. It turned out to be a ligament injury and it ended his season. Now, Buchanan is healthy and satisfied with how he's bouncing back.

Dave Buchanan missed more than two months of the 2012 season with a ligament injury in the middle finger of his right hand. Being limited to 12 starts with Double-A Reading, Buchanan wasn't surprised that he was back at Reading for the 2013 season. Really, Buchanan was just happy that he was healthy and could get back on the mound.

"I had an ok season last year, but I didn't get to throw a full season, so being back here [at Reading] really was what I expected," said Buchanan. "My hand feels strong and there's no more pain in the finger and every time I go out there I feel good."

Obviously, Buchanan lost some time on the mound, but overall, he's still at a good point. All the injury really did was rob him of the quick start he had gotten by spending just part of a season at Lakewood in 2011 before being promoted to Clearwater for his final six starts. When you consider how things have gone, he's probably right about where he would be had he not made the quick jump to Clearwater and then moved onto Reading to open the 2012 season.

Buchanan has struggled this season with Reading and part of that comes from a change in his repertoire.

"I got rid of my slider and am throwing a curveball now and I took that slider and turned it into a cutter," explained Buchanan. "Now, it's just a matter of really working on that cutter and getting it mastered. And I'm also working on that curveball and getting the tight spin with that."

On the season, Buchanan has gone 3-7 in 14 starts and has a 4.65 ERA on the season. Compared to the 3.86 ERA that he posted at Double-A last year, Buchanan's season has been somewhat disappointing, but he's keeping it all in perspective.

"I'm pleased with where I'm at right now, because I'm healthy and I feel strong and everyday that I come out here is another opportunity to improve," said Buchanan.

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