Johnson Remains Bullish on MSU

Justin Johnson knows a thing or two about winning. As a product of the Hoover (AL) football program, Johnson knows what it takes to chase excellence. With an offer in hand from Mississippi State, Johnson is giving the Bulldogs a long to see if Starkville could be the next step in his football journey.

Justin Johnson profile

"I have been hearing a lot from Mississippi State lately," said Johnson. "They have been coming at me pretty hard.

"I am still high on them, but I need to go over there and see a practice before I do anything.

"I have to kind of plan to get over there to Starkville and I need to do that pretty soon."

Johnson is eager to put a watchful eye on the Bulldog passing targets as well as wide receiver boss, Billy Gonzales.

"I want to go over there and see how they use the receivers and to see how I would fit in to the offense," said Johnson. "I want to see the receivers and see how the practice and I want to see what kind of coach, Coach Gonzales is."

The Hoover X wide receiver was working hard to represent the Buccaneers in the track and field season, but that season ended early for Johnson.

"I was running track, but I hurt my ankle," said Johnson. "It's back now, but I am not going to run track anymore.

"It's not that serious, but I don't want to do anything between now and spring football.

"I have to stay healthy for that."

Johnson previously reported that he was leaning towards a pre-season college decision, but those plans are far from firm.

"I was just thinking about all of that," said Johnson. "I was thinking about doing before the season to just get it over with, but I am undecided about all of that now.

"I am not sure what I want to do yet and I am not sure when I want to make a decision."

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