NFL Rumor Tidbits

There is always chatter around the NFL, as teams prepare for the regular season, interesting tidbits always are a fun thing to listen to.

In Dallas..... The latest word is that Bill Parcells is growing impatient with the quarterback situation and veteran Ray Lucas' number is on speed-dial. As of this morning, the nobody associated with the Dallas organization has spoken with nor have they contacted representatives for Lucas.
In New York..... The Giants coaching staff is impressed with the attitude, work ethic, and ability that first-round draft pick William Joseph has shown. Despite not reporting to camp until last week, Joseph has shown great quickness and burst off the ball, while not being in top physical condition.
In New England..... The Patriots veteran roster makeup of physical players on the defensive side of the ball is expected to enable Bill Belichick to incorporate many disguises within his defensive scheme that helped the team win the Super Bowl two-years ago.
In Detroit..... The Lions continue to look for team speed and have some concerns regarding the cornerback and offensive line positions. The coaching staff has not been pleased with the progress in the defensive backfield and the offensive line has not shown the ability to push the defense off the ball, not have they shown the ability to open up holes consistently for the running game.
In Chicago..... The Bears will face a dilemma this season, which may be a very good thing for the Bears future. Rookie quarterback Rex Grossman is playing as well as veteran Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler in training camp. While being relegated to the third-string spot at the present time, Grossman is pushing Chandler for reps in the number-two spot. Additionally, the coaching staff is pleased with the play of second-year running back Adrian Peterson. While squashing reports that Peterson is being given the opportunity to unseat starter Anthony Thomas, the Bears indeed are giving Peterson the reps to shine.
In Minnesota..... The Vikings coaching staff is giving defensive backs Willie Offord and Brian Russell another week to ten-days for one of them to lock down one of the starting safety roles. Discussions with the Vikings tell us that Offord is now 'easily' the frontrunner and the team does not want to move cornerback Brian Williams to the safety spot.
In St. Louis..... The Rams are at a crossroads with offensive tackle Orlando Pace. The word coming from the organization is that representatives for Pace are orchastrating the continued problems with the player and team. One of the issues that we are hearing from league sources is that Pace does not like playing for head coach Mike Martz and playing an the turf in St. Louis is the latest of a long line of reasons why the All-Pro is seeking a quick trip out of St. Louis.
In Seattle.....No progress, yet any discussion of substance has occured between annual holdout, offensive tackle Walter Jones and the Seahawks. Trade rumor swirling that Jones could be sent to St. Louis in a deal for another holdout offensive tackle Orlando Pace has merit according to representatives for the two players, but the potential for anything to shake-out with this is highly unlikely.
In Cleveland.....The Browns coaching staff is guardedly optimistic that second-year wide receiver Andre Davis will be able to begin practicing with the team again at some point next week.
In Jacksonville.....The team's attempts to trade defensive lineman Larry Smith have not been successful. The Jaguars are in ongoing discussions with two teams and the possibility remains that Smith will be dealt for a sixth or seventh round draft selection. Additionally, there is a growing concern in Jacksonville about the status of running back Fred Taylor. Historically, when Taylor is injured, the healing process ends up being a lengthy one and the team will take a very cautious approach in his rehab.

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