Nolan Reimold: Back on Track

After a hot start, Nolan Reimold fell into a mid-summer slump. Lately, he's been back to his old form and he gave Inside The Warehouse the inside scoop.

In 2005, Bowling Green State University's Nolan Reimold led the NCAA in slugging percentage. Fortunately for O's fans, a mid-season lull led to him still being available in the second round of the amateur draft. Reimold was victimized by a similar situation this season, when he had to take himself out of a game due to a foot injury. After returning, he fell into a brief slump, but he's recently returned to terrorizing Carolina League pitchers. ITW sat down with Reimold to discuss this and much more.

ITW: First off, how's the foot feeling?

Nolan: Feels good. It's definitely a lot better.

ITW: Is that something that you've had problems with before?

Nolan: That's the first time it ever bothered me that bad where I had to pull myself out of a game. That was the first time where I missed any playing time.

ITW: After a hot start, you struggled for a little while and you seem to be hitting better again lately. To what do you attribute the struggles?

Nolan: Yeah, I started pressing when I came back. I just worked myself into some bad habits. I've been trying to break [the bad habits] and it's starting to come around for me.

ITW: What kinds of things do the coaches have you working on?

Nolan: I always pull off the ball and that's one of my biggest problems, so I always try to work on that. I'm tryin to work on going to the opposite field, but that's something that I've been working on a long time. Just little stuff like that.

ITW: What kind of hitter would you classify yourself? Fastball hitter?

Nolan: Everybody's a fastball hitter. You get a good pitch and everybody's going to hit it. The big thing for me is, when they do throw the off-speed stuff, don't swing at it if it's not a strike.

ITW: Where do you feel more comfortable in the outfield: right field or centerfield?

Nolan: I've played right a lot more than I've played center so, naturally, right field is a little more comfortable to me.

ITW: Last year, you started out at Aberdeen and ended up here [in Frederick]. How would you describe the gap between the leagues?

Nolan: Better competition, definitely. Guys are just older and know more about the game. The guys have more experience and know how to pitch to you better than the guys down [in Aberdeen].

ITW: How'd it feel batting against Radhames [Liz] in the Future's game?

Nolan: It was fun. I got up there and he gave me a little smile. I didn't think we were actually going to face each other, but it worked out to where we did. It was a lot of fun. I'm just happy he didn't strike me out. He strikes a lot of people out.

ITW: You drove the ball pretty good, but he was able to get you out. Did he razz you a little bit when the game was over?

Nolan: Nah, he didn't really razz me. He just made a good pitch. I was out in front of it and he popped me up.

ITW: What are your goals for this season and heading into next?

Nolan: Finish strong. I just want to finish strong and get some momentum heading into the off-season.

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