Prospect Countdown: #46 Dustin Yount

Inside The Warehouse follows up on its Top 50 Prospect List with a detailed scouting report on #46 Dustin Yount

Drafted in the 9th round of the 2001 draft out of high school, Dustin Yount is most famous for being the son of a Hall of Famer. However, Yount has steadily worked his way through the Orioles system, establishing himself as a legitimate prospect in his own right. The Orioles even sent him to the Arizona Fall League this year, where he struggled in limited action as a member of the Taxi Squad.

DOB: 10/27/82 Height: 6-1 Weight: 198 B/T: L/R

Dustin Yount's age 23 season:

HiA 225 .271 .395 .418 7 3 0 .19 .18
CL AVG. -- .257 .336 .384 -- -- -- .11 .20
AA 167 .228 .323 .347 5 0 2 .15 .31
EL AVG. -- .252 .323 .381 -- -- -- .09 .22


Yount has long had a keen eye for the strike zone, which has led to plenty of walks in the low minors. When he finally broke through to AA Bowie, the pitchers were able to exploit his tendency to work deep into counts and get a lot of called third strikes. It hasn't been uncommon for Yount's strikeout rate to spike as he sees a new level for the first time, but some scouts believe that his long swing makes his high strikeout rate in AA is likely to be repeated. One thing is clear, Yount is unlikely to hit for a high batting average at higher levels.

Of course, Yount has posted exceptional OBP's at multiple stops in the low minors even without high batting averages. The larger source of concern has been his middling power, at least for the left side of the defensive spectrum. Is bat speed is not exceptional, but Yount does have good gap power with the ability to hit the occasional home run.


There's a reason that an 18 year old kid is drafted as a first baseman and it is not because he is the second coming of Robin Yount defensively. The junior Yount plays a solid first base, but he would not even be able to handle a conversion to LF. His range and speed are limited, although he does a good job of catching what he gets to.


Simply put, Yount's offense will have to carry him to a major league job. With that in mind, it‘s much harder to get excited about his solid, but unspectacular, offensive performances in his young career. Yount has a hefty platoon split and his fellow southpaws helped drag down all of his numbers. That said, he could end up as a useful bat, handling the hefty portion of a platoon situation. He could also end up as a AAAA slugger, never getting a clean shot at a major league job. His ceiling isn‘t huge, but with strong secondary hitting skills, Yount is more likely than most to reach his potential.

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