Prospect Q&A: Garrett Olson

ITW catches up with Garrett Olson to discuss his repertoire, his time in major league camp, and his reassignment to minor league spring training.

Coming into spring training, the Orioles were abuzz about Garrett Olson and how quickly he had advanced through the organization. They freely admit that, despite investing a supplemental first round pick in 2005, they didn't realize exactly how good of a pitcher they had. When Kris Benson went down for the season, it appeared the stars had aligned for Olson to challenge for a rotation slot out of spring training. After the signing of Steve Trachsel, Olson was reassigned to minor league camp in order to get more work. I was recently able to catch up with Garrett to discuss this and more.

ITW: When the Orioles sent you to the minor league camp, did they ask you to work on anything specific?

Garrett Olson: No, they wanted me to get innings in and there were none to be had in the major league camp right now. I have all three pitches working well for me- I was told I just need some more experience.

ITW: Have they told you where you will be starting the year?

Garrett Olson: I am supposed to start in triple-A Norfolk.

ITW: How do you like the Orioles' organization?

Garrett Olson: They have been terrific. They are great people and have treated me just like family; I can't say enough good about them. The organization has lots of history behind it and I have enjoyed my time here.

ITW: How are your pitches doing these days?

Garrett Olson: My fastball is my out-pitch right now and I have been working hard on my changeup which has improved a lot. I work on every pitch here in camp, but I have paid particular attention to my changeup.

ITW: You have lived on the West Coast your entire life, how do you find the East Coast?

Garrett Olson: It is very enjoyable, it is a bit different than California, and there is a lot of history here. I enjoy the opportunity to live here for part of the year.

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