Prospect Q&A: Brett Bordes

Inside The Warehouse catches up with LHP Brett Bordes to ask him about pitching for the Orioles, what team he'll start 2007 pitching for, and his good buddy, Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia.

In his career at Arizona State University, Brett Bordes switched between roles as a starter and a reliever. After his junior season in 2005, he had shown enough to warrant a 24th round selection from the Detroit Tigers, but Bordes wasn't satisfied. He returned for his senior season and concentrated on relieving, with enough success to warrant a 9th round selection from the Baltimore Orioles.

In his professional debut, Bordes made short work of his competition. Fellow southpaws hit only .043/.135/.043 against him. That's right, a .177 OPS. And right-handers didn't do much better, indicating that Bordes need not be confined to a LOOGY role. 2007 will be his full-season debut, but Bordes doesn't figure to stick around the minor leagues too long. He has the potential to zoom past a few levels this year and put himself in a position to challenge for a spot on the 25-man roster as soon as 2008. I was fortunate enough to catch up to Brett Bordes recently and ask him a few questions:

ITW: How do you like pitching on the East Coast?

Brett Bordes: I have enjoyed it very much. Last season at Aberdeen was a tremendous experience for me. Playing in Ripken Stadium, I got to see Cal and Billy there. It was the first time I have ever played in the Northeast and it was a very good experience all around. The fans were great and the team was fun to play on.

ITW: Have the Orioles told you where you will be playing this year?

Brett Bordes: They haven't given us definite assignments yet. I had a meeting with the staff here and they told me they were very pleased with the season I had last year. They were very complimentary of my pitching and were very encouraging to me. I am thinking I may end up in Frederick, because of the number of leftys Delmarva already has in their bullpen this season.

ITW: I always enjoyed watching Arizona State University play- how is your former teammate, Dustin Pedroia, doing?

Brett Bordes: Dustin just got married. He is my best friend and I wish him the best. He might be starting at second this year for the Red Sox.

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