Draft Q&A: 7th Rd. Pick Matt Angle

The Orioles used their 7th round selection on Matt Angle, a speedy centerfielder with good on-base skills and a plus arm. Inside, Angle dishes on how closely he is to signing with the Orioles and where he will start his professional career.

ITW: You were a Division I regional qualifier in the 100 & 200 meter dashes. Obviously, speed is a big part of your game, what were your times?

Matt Angle: Track was something I got into after I rehabbed my wrist. I couldn't play baseball so after I was cleared to run, I got into that for something to do. I ran under 11 seconds in the 100, I don't remember my speed in the 200.

ITW: You played in 57 of OSU's 58 games in 2006, any visions of Cal Ripken's streak? Do you think you could be the Orioles next Ironman?

Matt Angle: Ripken's streak is something to shoot for. It is the most impressive streak I have ever heard of. Someone who has played that many years at that level is admirable. To have no injuries, no family emergencies, to be able to play year in year out is a great accomplishment.

ITW: How did you find the Cape Cod League? Did you see a difference using a wooden bat as opposed to aluminum?

Matt Angle: There is a difference. You can get cheap hits with aluminum bats. I think pitchers would rather pitch to someone who is using a wood bat than aluminum. You have to make more consistent contact with wood than aluminum; there are no cheap hits with wood. You have to hit the ball to all fields with wood.

ITW: You started against Arizona State as a freshman. Did you face Brett Bordes? He is in the Orioles system.

Matt Angle: It was my second varsity start and I was very excited. I don't remember who pitched for ASU that day.

ITW: Your wrist injury sounds like it was severe. Are there any after-effects from it?

Matt Angle: No, it is 100% now. The rehab worked. It was pretty nasty; I had a lot of hardware sticking out, pins and stuff. It turned out to be a real blessing, the doctors did a tremendous job fixing it, and I have no problems from the injury. It is 1000% healed.

ITW: You sound like another player the Orioles had in the past, Al Bumbry. Good speed, good defense and lead-off type hitter. Has anyone made any comparisons for you?

Matt Angle: Some people have compared me to Juan Pierre or Dave Roberts, a lead-off guy who can get on base and steal bases.

ITW: Sammy Perlozzo likes players who can bunt and have speed. How is your bunting?

Matt Angle: Bunting is something I worked on in the Cape.

ITW: Has anyone from the Orioles contacted you yet about a contract? Have you signed yet? How did the negotiations go? Who represented the Orioles?

Matt Angle: I haven't signed yet. We have agreed to the contract, right now it is a matter of faxing it back and forth and getting it signed. But we have agreed. Rich Morales represented the Orioles.

ITW: Have the Orioles indicated which position you they plan for you to play? Have they given you any feedback at all?

Matt Angle: I haven't heard from them yet. I am not sure of their plans for me, but I play centerfield.

ITW: Have the Orioles told you what level you will start at?

Matt Angle: They have told me Aberdeen; the short season league.

ITW: It looks like you could have played other sports, why did you choose baseball?

Matt Angle: I had offers to play football. I felt that I had a better chance to go to the next level in baseball, though.

ITW: Are you excited about turning pro?

Matt Angle: Yes, I have been working for this the last three years. It was my dream growing up to play professional baseball. But I can't be happy just yet, I have only been drafted and it is just the first step. I have to make my way through the minors and continue to learn the game. This is just the first step and I have a lot of work to do to get to the majors.

ITW: Which team did you follow as you were growing up?

Matt Angle: My grandfather was a Reds fan, so I started off as a Reds fan. But as I grew older I just followed baseball in general. I was so busy playing in summer leagues, I never really got involved in any particular team. I used to watch Sports Center growing up, but I just followed the game.

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