Draft Q&A: 9th Rd. Pick Malcolm Crowley

9th round selection Malcolm Crowley is a versatile player with lots of athleticism. Recruited to play for Sam Houston State, ITW was able to sit down with the man who would have been his coach, Javier Solis, as well as Malcolm, to get a better idea of what kind of player he is and what fans can expect.

ITW: How would you describe Malcolm Crowley?

Javier Solis: He is a hard nosed player. It would be great to have 9 kids like him. The best way to describe the way he plays is to compare him to Pete Rose.

ITW: He is in Sarasota now, so I am guessing he has signed already?

Javier Solis: He signed Saturday. He is not going to Sam Houston State.

ITW: What is his best position?

Javier Solis: He played shortstop here and he was an offensive shortstop. He can play second base as well, but he was our shortstop.

ITW: What is the best part of his game?

Javier Solis: He is an all around player who hits a bit, runs well, has average speed but plays very hard. He is a good hard worker who plays the game hard.

ITW: Are you familiar with Brandon Fahey, another kid from Texas who plays in the Orioles system? Is Malcolm a comparable player?

Javier Solis: Yes, he is a very similar player.


ITW: It looks like your primary position is shortstop. However, it seems you could play second base or left field. Which position are you most comfortable playing?

Malcolm Crowley: Most comfortable playing shortstop. It is my natural position.

ITW: Have the Orioles told you yet what position you will be playing and which team you will be assigned to?

Malcolm Crowley: They have not assigned me to a team yet, I should learn that on Friday. The Orioles have told me they want me to play twice a week at second base to make me a more versatile player.

ITW: What is the biggest part of your game? Speed, defense, hitting?

Malcolm Crowley: Hitting, hustling, I see the ball well and can put it into play. I feel that if I work hard and hustle, that will be my key to success.

ITW: You have signed a letter of intent to play for Sam Houston State. What influenced your decision to turn pro?

Malcolm Crowley: I did not want to pass up the opportunity to turn pro. It has been a dream of mine since I was small. The Orioles drafted me pretty high and I did not want to risk a career ending injury before I had the chance to play professionally. This is the dream of a lifetime for me.

ITW: You share the same last name as the Orioles hitting coach, Terry Crowley, any relation there?

Malcolm Crowley: I have been asked that question many times….he is no relation to me.

ITW: How is camp going for you? What are working on?

Malcolm Crowley: We work on conditioning and do a lot of hitting. Lots of repetition work on defense.

ITW: Which professional team did you follow growing up?

Malcolm Crowley: The hometown team, Houston Astros. I admired Craig Biggio when I was growing up.

ITW: How does it feel being drafted by a major league team?

Malcolm Crowley: It feels great. It is a dream come true for me. I signed Saturday and flew into camp Sunday night. The Orioles have been great to me.

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