Draft Q&A: 11th Rd. Pick Robert Widlansky

Robert Widlansky was confined to six games during his Redshirt Junior season due to a hamstring injury, but he came back well enough in 2007 to catch Joe Jordan's eye for an 11th round selection in the draft. Inside, Widlansky dishes about his injury, who helped him become the player he is, and his impending switch from 3B to OF.

ITW: You have quite a resume already built up; All County, two times All State , All Sun Conference Player of the Year. What do you attribute your success to?

Robert Widlansky: Hard work; baseball is something I really like doing and take pride in doing well.

ITW: Is there any one person who has influenced your baseball career most to date?

Robert Widlansky: My older brother; he helped me out with the game itself.

ITW: You were drafted in 2003 by the Yankees but decided to go to Florida Atlantic University. Was this a decision you made to improve your draft position in later years?

Robert Widlansky: I wanted to get an education primarily; I majored in Business Management. I also wanted to improve my game and draft position.

ITW: The Orioles have Billy Rowell in their system and he plays third base. Also, Brandon Snyder looks like he will be playing first base for the near future. You played mostly on the corners during college, so where do you think that leaves you?

Robert Widlansky: I am playing in the outfield now. That's where the Orioles want me to play.

ITW: How did you find the wooden bats in the Cape Cod League? Any adjustments?

Robert Widlansky: I started off slowly and struggled a bit but, as the season wore on, I made adjustments and did better. I finished on a high note.

ITW: Has anyone from the Orioles contacted you yet?

Robert Widlansky: The area scout. I am in camp in Sarasota now and will be signing tomorrow (Editor's note: Widlansky is now signed).

ITW: Which professional team did you follow when you were growing up?

Robert Widlansky: I am a hometown boy. I followed the Marlins.

ITW: Jeff Fiorentino played for FAU. Do you know him?

Robert Widlansky: You bet, we played on the same team as freshmen.

ITW: You missed some time with a hamstring injury. How did you deal with it? Did it give you a different perspective on the game?

Robert Widlansky: It was tough not playing and the rehab was tough. It gave me some perspective, though, and made me better off for the experience and hard work.

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