Draft Q&A: 15th Rd. Pick Tyrone Hambly

Tyrone Hambly was widely considered the best JUCO hitter available in the state of Texas. Inside, Tyrone and his coach, Dusty Hart, discuss how he has been so successful, how he made his way to Texas from Australia, and the O's chances of luring him away from a commitment to Oklahoma State.

According to Tyrone Hambly's coach at Grayson County Community College, Dusty Hart:

ITW: What kind of player is Tyrone?

Dusty Hart: Most scouts had him ranked as the best junior college hitter in the state of Texas. He hit .483 with 15 home runs and led the country in RBI's. He has above average power and is an excellent defensive 3B; one of the best we ever had defensively. His best attribute is the way he plays. He only has one gear. I would say he is a throw back kind of guy.

ITW: Has he signed with the Orioles yet?

Dusty Hart: He hasn't signed yet but they were pretty close to getting it done.


ITW: You are from Australia, how did you find your way to Grayson County Community College,?

Tyrone Hambly: Originally, I was going to attend Oklahoma State University but went to Grayson to prepare myself for college.

ITW: What is baseball like in Australia? Are there professional leagues there?

Tyrone Hambly: There are no professional leagues in Australia, but there is good baseball; just not a lot of it.

ITW: You have been described as the best JUCO hitter in the nation this season. What do you attribute that to?

Tyrone Hambly: I have had a lot of coaches the past few years who have helped me correct any flaws in my swing. My coach back home in Australia has worked with me as well; in fact, I returned home for two weeks last Christmas and he spent a lot of time with me, which really got me started for this season.

ITW: Did you follow American baseball as you were growing up? Which team was your favorite?

Tyrone Hambly: We didn't get too many broadcasts in Australia, but my dad followed the Braves.

ITW: Have you been contacted by the Orioles yet?

Tyrone Hambly: Yes, we are negotiating. I am new to this. The process has not been too bad.

ITW: You have a commitment to Oklahoma State. Have you decided if you will turn pro or go to OSU? Or is it still to early to ask?

Tyrone Hambly: I have not signed yet. I am still considering my options. I have a full ride to Oklahoma State waiting for me.

ITW: You are listed as a third baseman; do you play other positions as well?

Tyrone Hambly: I have played every position in the infield, but I am most comfortable at third.

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