Draft Q&A: 16th Rd. Pick Tyler Kolodny

Tyler Kolodny didn't expect to make it out of the first ten rounds during this year's draft, which makes him a potential steal in the 16th round. Inside, Tyler discusses who he models his game after and what it is like waiting for your name to be called on draft day.

ITW: Are you signed now?

Tyler Kolodny: Yeah, I'm signed and I'm actually here in Sarasota right now.

ITW: Are you going to be heading to rookie-level Bluefield?

Tyler Kolodny: No. Bluefield is the next level. I'm at Sarasota right now in the Gulf [Coast] League.

ITW: Do you have an advisor?

Tyler Kolodny: Yeah, I have an agent- Paul Cohen.

ITW: Were you committed to play anywhere before you signed with the Orioles?

Tyler Kolodny: Yes, Fresno State Us.

ITW: When you were growing up, obviously you're on the other coast, what team were you a fan of?

Tyler Kolodny: I was a diehard Dodgers fan.

ITW: Would you say you modeled your game after anyone in particular?

Tyler Kolodny: I would have to say a mixture of David Wright and Jackie Robinson. Those are two guys that I look at and I really like; or even David Wright and Scott Rolen. I'd pick those two actually because they are at my position. Those two guys I really, really… I just try and learn from them.

ITW: What part of their games is it that you try to emulate?

Tyler Kolodny: One thing, especially with Scott Rolen, is the hustle. And the way both of those guys handle themselves on the field; body language. They're focused but, at the same time, they look comfortable and stay loose. They have a presence and an aura about them that stands out from the other players. I like how they can pick it at third base also.

ITW: You mentioned playing third base and you were drafted as a third baseman. Were there any other positions you played at in high school?

Tyler Kolodny: As a freshman, I played outfield. As a sophomore, I played first base.

ITW: Would you say you feel most comfortable at third base?

Tyler Kolodny: Yeah, third base is my position and it comes natural to me.

ITW: Have the Orioles indicated that they are keeping you at third base?

Tyler Kolodny: Oh yes, definitely. I'm actually playing third base tomorrow.

ITW: When you were going through the draft process, did you know that the Orioles were looking at you?

Tyler Kolodny: Yes, but they were lower on the list than other teams. There were a good five or six teams that I thought for sure were going to be picking before the Orioles. So I wouldn't say the Orioles were a shocker, but it was a little bit of a surprise.

ITW: Did you go in about the round you expected to?

Tyler Kolodny: No, I actually did not see myself going in lower than the tenth round. I talked to some people and scouts were honest with me. They said I was higher on their [draft] boards and I didn't expect to go lower than the tenth round and I ended up going in the sixteenth [round]. It ended up being a long day; however, I am truly excited for the opportunity. There's no regrets and now we're all the same.

ITW: What areas would you say you stand out in?

Tyler Kolodny: I'd have to say, straight up, as a hitter. I do have power, but I get a lot of base hits and doubles and I'm a tough out. As a hitter, I would say, is my best asset.

ITW: What part of your game would you say needs the most work before you move up to the next level?

Tyler Kolodny: I need to improve every aspect of my game, number one. I am still a long ways away from reaching my potential. However, I would have to say, better accuracy on my throws or being more consistent about hitting to the opposite field. Sometimes… a lot of times, I get pull happy.

Michael Hollman is the Senior Writer for Inside The Warehouse and can be reached via email at Publisher@InsideTheWarehouse.com

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