Draft Q&A: 21st Rd. Pick Scott Mueller

After transferring from South Mountain Community College, Scott Mueller has posted a 2.65 ERA this season for Arizona State University. Inside, he discusses his arsenal and his likelihood of signing with the Orioles.

ITW: Did you hire an agent prior to the MLB Draft?

Scott Mueller: No.

ITW: Have you been in contact with the organization since they selected you in the 21st round?

Scott Mueller: They just said we would talk when I get back from Omaha [College World Series]. They just want me to focus on ASU and I am thankful for that.

ITW: Were you aware that the Orioles were interested in taking you prior to the draft?

Scott Mueller: We talked during the middle of the season and they asked how me I felt and then they contacted me on the second day of the draft. It really didn't matter to me who picked me; it was more of just being drafted.

ITW: What major league team did you grow up rooting for?

Scott Mueller: For a while, I liked the Mariners. Then we got the Diamondbacks here in Arizona, so I started going to a lot of games… so I guess I would have to say the Diamondbacks are my favorite team.

ITW: Whom do you try and model your game after?

Scott Mueller: I think everyone has their own way. I've gotten a great deal of help over the years with my mechanics and I try and just do what feels comfortable out there during the game. That's how I kind of gauge which pitches to throw.

ITW: What variety of pitches do you throw?

Scott Mueller: A two-seam fastball, a change-up and a slider that is still a work in progress. I have been really trying to work on my change-up. It's something I have really worked on in college ball because my coaches have emphasized how effective keeping hitters off-balance is.

ITW: In terms of your pitches, what aspect of your game do you think you need to continue to develop to pitch in the major leagues?

Scott Mueller: I am really focusing on locating my fastball. It generally comes in on batters from anywhere in the high-80's to the low-90's.

ITW: Because you're only a junior and have the option of declining to sign with the Orioles, what do you think your final decision will be?

Scott Mueller: It's still up in the air right now. I'm going to sit down with my family and they will play a huge part in my decision. I'm going to talk to the coaching staff here at ASU but it's hard to tell right now.

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