Draft Q&A: 25th Rd. Pick Clifford Flagello

Clifford Flagello struck out 97 batters in just over 87 innings during his senior year at Shorter College. Signed by the Orioles after being drafted in the 25th round of the draft, Flagello recently discussed his aresenal and his plans for the upcoming season.

ITW: Have you signed with an agent?

Clifford Flagello: No. I didn't really feel the need to get an agent because I'm just a typical senior sign and was pretty much just lucky to get drafted.

ITW: Have the Orioles told you what to expect in the upcoming weeks?

Clifford Flagello: Yeah. Actually I'm at a mini-camp right now. They brought about 25 of the new draft picks down here for the extended spring season and I have been playing since the first Monday after the draft.

ITW: Did you know the Orioles were looking at you prior to the draft?

Clifford Flagello: Vaguely, David Jennings called me about a week before the draft and asked if this was the number they could reach me at come draft day. I said this is it, you got it. That was pretty much all the contact I had with them.

ITW: Who did you grow up rooting for?

Clifford Flagello: My whole family is from New York, so I rooted for the Yankees, but its pretty hard growing up in Atlanta and not rooting for the Braves. I'm a Yankees/Braves fan.

ITW: Who did you root for when the Yankees played the Braves in the 1996 World Series?

Clifford Flagello: That was a win-win situation for me.

ITW: Do you model your game after anyone?

Clifford Flagello: When I grew up, it was always John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux on TV, so I think I modeled myself after those three guys. I know my delivery came from watching them and mimicking what I saw on TV.

ITW: What pitches are in your repertoire?

Clifford Flagello: A fastball, changeup and slider. The fastball probably ranges anywhere from the high-80's to the low-90's, maybe even a little more on a good day. With my fastball, usually any movement I get is it cuts. I don't really know how I throw it, but it cuts. I haven't really started dabbling with a two-seamer, but I'm sure, while I am here, I will start soon.

ITW: What's your out pitch?

Clifford Flagello: The slider; definitely the slider. I feel comfortable throwing it in just about any situation.

ITW: What aspect of your game do you think you have improved upon the most since coming to college?

Clifford Flagello: I went to Georgia State my freshman year and I pitched very limited innings there. Then I moved to Shorter College and my first full year there I was real inconsistent. My strikeout to walk ratio was really high. My main focus my junior and senior year was to work on getting more consistent. This year, my goal through the fall was to get more consistent. I pretty much succeeded this year on what I set out to do.

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