Draft Q&A: 27th Rd. Pick Kraig Binick

New York Institute of Technology is not well known for it's production of major league talent, but Kraig Binick is not their typical player. After leading his team in every offensive category in 2007, the Orioles made him their 27th round draft pick. Inside, Kraig discusses his strengths and weaknesses at the plate and in the field.

ITW: Did you sign with an agent prior to the draft?

Kraig Binick: I did it on my own. I signed with the Baltimore Orioles down in Sarasota, Florida.

ITW: Are you down there right now?

Kraig Binick: I'm actually stationed in Bluefield.

ITW: Being a standout center fielder in college, have they told you if that's where you will continue to play with the Orioles?

Kraig Binick: Well, right now I have been playing right field. They want me to play everyday here and it's been pretty good so far.

ITW: How far along into your season are you in Bluefield?

Kraig Binick: We have played 8 games already.

ITW: What aspect of your game do you think you improved upon the most since your freshman year at NYIT?

Kraig Binick: The whole mental aspect of the game and being stronger, faster and stronger. Overall, I have become a better player in college.

ITW: Were you at NYIT all four years of college ball or did you transfer there from another program?

Kraig Binick: I was there for 4 years.

ITW: What makes you such a special outfielder?

Kraig Binick: I believe that I have the ability to adjust to balls that other people can't. My reaction time is good, I can take hits away and I have confidence in my arm. I've lived there and played there my whole life in the outfield.

ITW: What do you bring to the table in the batter's box?

Kraig Binick: Playing up here in New York has made me a much better hitter. My speed makes me a threat when I'm not hitting for power. When I get in my count, I'm just looking to drive the ball and I have the ability to make contact and put the ball in play. I feel that no one can strike me out, only myself.

ITW: How many home runs did you hit in your senior year at NYIT?

Kraig Binick: Eight.

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