Draft Q&A: 33rd Rd. Pick Jacob Julius

Jacob Julius is left-handed 1B/OF out of the University of Arkansas. After being drafted in the 33rd round by the Baltimore Orioles, Jacob sat down with ITW to answer a few questions.

ITW: Are you represented by an agent?

Jacob Julius: No, I'm not.

ITW: Did you know the Orioles were interested in you?

Jacob Julius: Yeah, I talked to them a couple times before the draft and I got a call after the first day and I was watching them on the draft on Friday and I was watching them kind of close.

ITW: Who did you grow up rooting for in the major leagues?

Jacob Julius: Probably the Red Sox. As of late, they were my favorite team. When I was a little kid, anybody really. I took a trip to Fenway when I was a little kid and kind of started liking them, but now it's the Baltimore Orioles.

ITW: Do you model your game after anybody?

Jacob Julius: No, not really. I go out and try to play hard and don't try to do too much and do whatever I can.

ITW: What positions have you played in college?

Jacob Julius: I played all the outfield positions and a little first base. I didn't play first that much. Actually, since I've been here, they worked me out at first a couple times, so it could be anywhere.

ITW: Where do you feel most comfortable in the field?

Jacob Julius: I don't know. I've been playing outfield all this year, so I'm comfortable there. But, growing up, I always played first base. Wherever I find that I can play, I'll just work hard and feel comfortable there and be confident at what I can do there.

ITW: What part of your game have you improved the most since coming to college?

Jacob Julius: Definitely my hitting. Out of high school, when I went to Spalding University, it was my first school. When I was recruited there, I was mainly a pitcher, but I went there because they were giving me a chance to hit. And really just ever since I was there, and the last couple of years, I think my hitting has improved a lot and it shows.

ITW: Has anyone from the organization contacted you yet? What did they tell you?

Jacob Julius: Yeah, the scout that was the area scout for Arkansas contacted me congratulating me. And I talked to the guy who got me the plane ticket and lined that up for me.

ITW: Are you going to sign with the Orioles?

Jacob Julius: I'm actually down here right now. I'm in Sarasota. I flew down Sunday night and have been working out here since Monday and we took a physical on Monday too. We work out the rest of the weekend here. I found out here, today, that I'll be playing with the Bluefield team for the rest of the year.

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