Draft Q&A: 40th Rd. Pick Aaron Odom

Aaron Odom's baseball career has seen him transfer from Angelina Junior College to Texas Tech for his junior year, when he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 25th round. The southpaw decided to return to school and the Orioles were able to get Odom in the 40th round of this year's draft. Inside, Odom discusses his arsenal and more.

ITW: Who did you grow up rooting for in the major leagues?

Aaron Odom: Yankees.

ITW: What do you throw? What pitches and at what velocities?

Aaron Odom: Fastball, knuckle-curve, changeup and slider. I don't know my off-speed very well, but my fastball is around 88-90 [MPH], somewhere around there.

ITW: What is your out pitch?

Aaron Odom: Probably curveball.

ITW: What part of your game have you improved the most since coming to college?

Aaron Odom: Maturity, I guess.

ITW: Anything else you improved on?

Aaron Odom: Not really. I didn't improve much from Texas Tech.

ITW: Has anyone from the organization contacted you yet? What did they tell you?

Aaron Odom: Yeah. I already signed. I'm in the Gulf Coast League.

ITW: Have the Orioles given you any indication on how you'll pitch?

Aaron Odom: Yeah, a starter.

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