Draft Q&A: 22nd Rd. Pick Collin Allen

Drafted out of Lamar Community College in Colorado, Collin Allen starred both on the mound and at the plate. Recently, ITW sat down with Collin to discuss his future with the Orioles and where he is committed to play in 2008.

ITW: Have you been in contact with the Orioles since draft day?

Collin Allen: Yeah, what ended up happening was they were having conflicts with the guy that they selected in the 10th round, so they said they wanted to renegotiate what was going on when they drafted me. They had somebody come out and watch me play and I'm just waiting on a call from them to see if I'm actually going to continue with the Orioles or go on with school.

ITW: Have you signed with a four-year college now that your time in community college ball is up?

Collin Allen: I signed with UNLV.

ITW: Were you aware that the Orioles were looking at you prior to the draft?

Collin Allen: I have been speaking with scout John Gillette and we have been talking since the fall of my sophomore year at Lamar. He just kind of let me know that they were interested in me. I was getting a lot of stuff from other teams too, like questionnaires about medical stuff and they kind of want to get to know your personality a little bit. I had been talking with John for a little bit, so when the draft came along I was kind of expecting to see something happen, but I just didn't know what to expect because the draft is so unpredictable.

ITW: With the versatility that you possess to pitch and play the outfield, have the Orioles talked to you about how they plan on using your services?

Collin Allen: Absolutely, I was drafted as a pitcher. Throughout the whole ordeal, it was all for pitching. I do play positions and I like to hit, but as for the next level I am definitely going to be pitching.

ITW: Do you model your game after anyone in particular?

Collin Allen: To tell you the truth, I don't model it after anyone. I guess I just go out there and do it myself. I like the way a lot of the pitchers in the big leagues pitch and you have to respect that, but as for modeling my game, I couldn't give you a name.

ITW: What variety of pitches should batters expect to face?

Collin Allen: I throw a fastball, changeup and curveball. On average, my fastball runs at about 80 to 90 mph. In warm, warm weather I have touched 92 or 93 MPH down in Arizona, but that hasn't happened in a while.

ITW: What is your out pitch?

Collin Allen: The curveball for sure. I'm still trying to get confidence with the change; I throw it but I don't think all the confidence is there quite yet. My out pitch is definitely, definitely my curveball.

ITW: What aspect of your game have you tried to develop the most since coming to Lamar Community College?

Collin Allen: Definitely my mental aspect. In going into a professional career, I would like to grow and get bigger physically, but I have been working on the mental aspect of the game because that's what baseball is, especially in pitching. It's mental and having the confidence to be able to do what you need to do every time you go out is very important.

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