Draft Q&A: 42nd Rd. Pick Joe DiGeronimo

Joe DiGeronimo played shortstop at Wagner College, a small school in New York. Although he is regarded as a good defender, it has not always come easy. Joe discusses this and much more inside.

ITW: Who are you represented by?

Joe Digeronimo: Chris Sgouros - Sports Management World Wide

ITW: Did you know the Orioles were interested in you?

Joe Digeronimo: Yes. I had spoken with an area scout for the Orioles and went to a pre-draft workout for the Orioles with 2 other kids, who were both drafted or signed by the Orioles also.

ITW: Who did you grow up rooting for in the major leagues?

Joe Digeronimo: New York Yankees. I grew up in New Jersey and went to college in New York City, so they were the local team.

ITW: Do you model your game after anybody?

Joe Digeronimo: Paul O'Neill and Derek Jeter. Both great but different types of players. O'Neill's intensity and hard nosed style and Jeter's attitude and quiet confidence.

ITW: What positions have you played in college?

Joe Digeronimo: Shortstop and I even got to pitch in a game one time, even though I'm not proud of my 54.00 ERA.

ITW: Where do you feel most comfortable?

Joe Digeronimo: Middle infield; shortstop or second base.

ITW: What part of your game have you improved the most since coming to college?

Joe Digeronimo: My fielding. The coaches really helped me and worked with me to improve my fielding throughout my four years. Even though I worked on all aspects of my game, this was the one area that needed a lot of improvement coming out of high school.

ITW: Has anyone from the organization contacted you yet? What did they tell you?

Joe Digeronimo: The only people that I have spoken with, besides at the Training Complex in Sarasota, has been the area scout, Keith Connolly.

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