Draft Q&A: 44th Rd. Pick Travis Dirk

A student at Navarro Junior College in Texas, Travis Dirk was drafted by the Orioles in the 44th round. Inside, the 20 year old right-hander dishes about getting drafted by the Orioles and much more.

ITW: Who are you represented by?

Travis Dirk: No one.

ITW: Did you know the Orioles were interested in you?

Travis Dirk: No, I didn't expect them to draft me. A few others, such as the Mariners, Yankees and the Angels [showed interest].

ITW: Who did you grow up rooting for in the major leagues?

Travis Dirk: I grew up rooting for the Mariners.

ITW: Do you model your game after anybody?

Travis Dirk: No, I have my own individual style and I try not to model myself after anyone. I am my own person, so I have my own style.

ITW: What positions have you played in college?

Travis Dirk: I am a pitcher only.

ITW: Where do you feel most comfortable?

Travis Dirk: As a starter, but I have also been used as a closer.

ITW: What part of your game have you improved the most since coming to college?

Travis Dirk: I have improved in several areas; my command, off-speed [stuff], and the mental part of the game.

ITW: Has anyone from the organization contacted you yet? What did they tell you?

Travis Dirk: Dean Albany talked to me, and said that they would be watching me over the summer.

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