Top 5 Offensive Second-Half Performances

In the minor leagues, it's not uncommon for position players to grow by leaps and bounds within a season. So, it's not surprising when someone posts a much better batting line in the second half of the season. Sometimes, this can be an indication that the player is going to break out in the following season. Read on to find out who might be breaking out in 2008.

1) Brandon Snyder - (Delmarva Shorebirds) - (59 G, 186 AB, .323/.414/.565)

It took a half-season, but Brandon Snyder answered all questions about his bat in 2007. He showed an ability to hit for average (at least in A-ball), patience and power. And he did it all in a very tough hitting environment. He has even carried over his success to the Hawaii Winter League, getting off to a very hot start. If he can find a defensive home, Snyder could finally be ready to emerge as one of the top prospects in the organization in 2008.

2) Anthony Martinez - (Aberdeen Ironbirds) - (23 G, 86 AB, .395/.430/.547)

Martinez's athleticism and build have always intrigued scouts and he has tantalized them further with some displays in batting practice. However, it took until the second half of 2007 for Martinez to finally looke like he had an idea of what he was doing at the plate. He'll probably start 2008 in low-A Delmarva, but the 23 year old will have to move fast to avoid getting buried on the organizational depth chart.

3) Mark Fleisher - (Frederick Keys) - (61 G, 216 AB, .264/.321/.509)

13 of Fleisher's 16 home runs came in the second half of the season. He's a big right-handed hitter with real power and he's earned a shot at double-A. He has his doubters, but if he produces in the upper minors, it will be hard to ignore him.

4) Daniel Figueroa - (Delmarva Shorebirds) - (58 G, 198 AB, .323/.454/.369)

We know that Figueroa is not going to hit for power, can he can provide a good batting average, patience, speed, and excellent defense in centerfield. He may be a bit old for a real prospect candidate, but the second half of 2007 was the first time he displayed all these skills at once. The tools are there, he just has to prove his production was for real.

5) Adam Stern - (Norfolk Tides) - (37 G, 142 AB, .296/.344/.373)

While it was no doubt a disappointing season for the speedy Canadian, Stern's second half provides some hope for whoever he ends up with in 2008. Much like Figueroa, Stern does a few things well and has to be doing all of them at once to be valuable. His production was masked further by a difficult home hitting environment (.578 OPS at home vs .776 on the road), so perhaps there is still some hope for Stern to carve out a cereer as a reserve.

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