Aberdeen Rehabs: Brandon Erbe and Blake Davis

Blake Davis was on the cusp of making his first Major League club in spring training, but a stress fracture in his left foot has sidelined him. Brandon Erbe suffered a shoulder injury mid-season with the Double-A Bowie Baysox and just threw in a game for the first time Sunday. Both are in Aberdeen, trying to get back to the upper levels of the Orioles' system.

RHP Brandon Erbe

On the rehab process

It's been going really well. Obviously I threw yesterday, I threw about 25 pitches, the results weren't that great, but my arm feels a lot better than I expected it to. It had been feeling good previously, but I knew that once I got into a game against hitters, it was going to be a true test because the adrenaline would be going. But, I felt good and today it feels just as good as good as it did yesterday. No post-game soreness or anything.

On finally get back on the mound

It felt good. It was a little nerve-wracking at first just because I had it in the back of my head, about the arm, but after the first couple of pitches I got that out of the way.

On being one of the veterans of the Aberdeen staff

It's neat. I think a lot the guys are asking about the differences in the hitters and just, overall, the stadiums, stuff that most guys would want to know. But, it's kind of neat. When I played here in 2005 I only got to go on two road trips, I only played here for two weeks, so for me, it's neat to be back here and go places I haven't been to. It's been good so far, it's only been a couple days, but I probably still have a few weeks. I don't know exactly how much time, but I'll just try to enjoy it and help out if I can.

On his schedule

I don't know. I think I threw on the road the first time just because it was exactly when my progression ended. I was supposed to throw on Sunday, and this time I'm throwing on Friday. [After that] I probably won't be throwing in a game for another four-five days after that and I think that will fall on a road trip. Whether I go on that or not, I do not know... I'm just going to take it day-by-day and see how the progression goes.

SS Blake Davis

On his left foot pain before the injury

Probably since my freshman year in college I've felt something down there and when I planted on it that night [in spring training], it just popped. As I understand there was some kind of stress there I always felt. I never knew it was a bone or or stress fractures. I guess, if it was gonna go, it was better now than later... or just not at all.

On his healing left foot

It's feeling good right now. I don't really feel much, I'm taping my ankles, I got a little pad down there. Other than that, it feels fine.

On his timetable and where he expects to be Probably early July. I don't know what they are thinking, I'm just trying to get in the best shape I can.

On what he expects to get out of the rehab process

Just to get back to where I was in spring training and the last few years; mostly just to get back in shape. Just to get the throwing and timing rhythms down on defense and things like that, trying to feel good, not like how I felt the past three months. That's the toughest part, coming out of that and trying to feel good.

On going from nearly making the Orioles' Opening Day roster to the disabled list

It sucked. I mean, it was disappointing, I was devastated, but I got over it and now I'm here. I just got to get through it, but I'm glad I'm all right now.

On Cal State Fullerton's CWS performance

It was disappointing. I mean, to go 0-2 and have the year they had, I mean, it's disappointing, but it is what it is. Hopefully they get back there next year.

On playing with former CSF Titan Justin Turner again

He's injured right now, I think, I don't what's going on with all the Fullerton boys right now, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting back up there and playing with him. We've got pretty good chemistry going up the middle together. Hopefully we'll got a lot of games together.

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