O's Minor Leaguers Get Taste of Bigs

Not everyone on the field in the Futures at Fenway games will get to play in the majors, but all of them can say they played at Fenway Park. Inside, get the reaction from some minor league vets hoping for a shot, top prospects, and guys who have been there before and are trying to get back.

The Double-A Bowie Baysox and Triple-A Norfolk Tides participated in the Futures at Fenway doubleheader. For some of the players, this may be their only chance to play in a big league park, for others, this could be the first of many. Some players are getting a reminder of what it was like to be in the majors and trying to get back.

One thing that did remain constant through each interview was that the players love the opportunity to play in a big league park, let alone Fenway Park.

Here are the reactions straight from the players.

Baysox Manager Brad Komminsk:

On the experience for his players

"It's great for them, it's a good little experience for them. We'll have some fun."

On Steve Johnson getting the start

"I didn't tell [Steve Johnson] anything, no difference, just a start. You ever want to pitch in the big leagues you gotta pitch in parks like this."

Baysox LF Jonathan Tucker:

On having the opportunity to play at Fenway Park

"It's pretty awesome man! You get to see it on TV, but on television, even in HD, it doesn't capture what it's actually like to be on the field. With all the ehistory and the style of it, it's an unbelievable feeling."

On the Green Monster

He said he had not had a chance to get inside the Green Monster, but would try to "pull a Manny" during batting practice.

Baysox C Adam Donachie:

On having the opportunity to play at Fenway Park

"It's awsome right now, you know, taking BP here is just great. It's one of those things, you're always watching TV, watching the Red Sox play, it's just fun to be in the same park that they're playing in."

Major League ballpark experience

"I played in PETCo [Park] in 2005 and it was pretty exciting there. I was in high-A there and we played the Padres high-A affiliate."

Baysox SS Robert Valido:

On having the opportunity to play at Fenway Park

"It's unbelievable just knowing that some of the greats played here, Derek Jeter, my favorite player, A-Rod, a lot of the Yankees, Manny Ramirez in left field walking through the little door back there and seeing a bunch of big league guy's names back there. It's a good experience."

Major League ballpark experience

"I played at Turner Field for a couple of days. It was unbelievable. This is just so much Tradition, it's been unbelievable so far."

On the Green Monster

"I did go in the wall. The umpires wrote their names, they probably shouldn't have. You gotta be a big leaguer to do that, but it was nice to see those names, the scorekeepers names there, the World Championships, it's been fun."

Baysox CF Dave Krynzel:

On having the opportunity to play at Fenway Park

"It's fun man. Just being in this park, it's just a joy, it's a privilege and I'm really happy to be here. It's fun for the team and for everybody to get the chance to do this."

On trying to get back to the bigs

"It's definitely a reminder of how good it is to play in the Major Leagues, the parks, the people, the fans. Everything about it is wonderful. It doesn't get any better than this."

Tides 1B Brandon Snyder:

On the opportunity to play at Fenway Park

"Oh man, we'll see. I've never been here before. They said they got a sold out crowd and it's going to be a lot of fun."

Tides/Orioles Reliever Kameron Mickolio:

On shuttling between Norfolk and Baltimore

"It's a little tough trying to settle into a place, like a house maybe. But you can't really complain because you go up there and it's the big leagues. Getting sent back down is kind of tough, but you understand that I'm young, I got options, so it's part of the game, it's how it works."

On the similarities of Triple-A and the Majors

"It's fairly similar between Triple-A and the big leagues. In Triple-A you got a lot of veteran guys filling spots here or there and guys that bounce back up and down. It's fairly similar, you get to see that competition all year round."

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