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This season we are going to try to keep everyone updated on the status of prospects that are reported in places other than Every Thursday we will bring you some of the more interesting feature articles from local newspapers and websites on the players, personalities and events around the Padres' minor league system.

Before we get to that sometimes we are asked why don't we have more articles on the Padres? The reason is simple; there is so much quality coverage most of what we could hope to offer would at best be redundant.

While there are many great blogs that we enjoy and have some interesting points of view, Gaslamp Ball, The Sacrifice Bunt , Avenging Jack Murphy and RJ's Fro come to mind, we tried to limit this review to places that are more news oriented, reporting and/or do interviews on a regular basis, or engage in sabermetic research.


San Diego Union-Tribune: Regardless of any opinion of the future relevance of newspapers, the Union-Tribune is the primary source for information on the San Diego Padres. Nearly every other media outlet feeds off of the reporting of beat writers Bill Center and Don Norcross. In addition to a daily game recap they provide the occasional feature article and a daily notes column which will include some limited information on the minors.

North County Times: Dan Hayes handles their coverage for all home games with the Associated Press filling in the blanks most of the time on the road.

Websites: If you want to see the future of daily baseball coverage, which will be arriving quicker than our friends in the print media believe, read Corey Brock. Brock covers the Padres and along with the Union-Tribune, are the only media entities that consistently travel to every game. Additionally, he provides constant updates throughout the day on Twitter, two sometimes three articles on the web site along with a weekly segment on XX 1090 with Darren Smith.

619 Sports: Craig Elsten, the play-by-play voice of the San Diego Sockers, SDSU Aztecs, USCD Sports and others, has created a venue which can best be described as a mini-version of, filling in the cracks of the stories and subjects that don't get enough coverage in the local media. 619 Sports has the best and most consistent coverage of college baseball and either he or Dan McLellan are at the Padres' home games; frequently providing audio and video interviews with the players along with their game story. Additionally once a month they run a minor league feature by MadFriars, which is indicative of their good taste.

The Friarhood: A relatively new site run by Steve Adler that is attempting to become the place where fans discuss all things Padres on the internet. The Friarhood features information on the most recent games, minor league coverage , interviews, podcasts and now a regular slot on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM Pacific on Sports 1360 San Diego radio. Of all the websites The Friarhood is by far the most advanced in their use of marketing, social media and multiple platforms. Currently they are the only ones with a quality AP available for Smartphone users.

Ducksnorts: Geoff Young has been writing about the Padres in some form or another since 1997 with his approach of looking at the game as a casual fan; albeit one with a healthy interest in sabermetrics and baseball history. In this category he has no equal in the local media for the ability to consistently write about baseball in an informed and approachable manner. You can also find his work on, and .

Friar Forecast:: A great site for sabermetrics and minor league coverage run by Myron Logan, Daniel Gettinger and Ben Davey for prospects (Ben also now handles the daily rundown for MadFriars). In addition to enjoying Ben's work, both Myron and Daniel explain why the new statistics have relevance for the success or failure of the team.


XX 1090: 1090 is the flagship radio station of the Padres broadcasting every game from the first day of spring training on. Both Jerry Coleman and Ted Leitner are walking histories of San Diego baseball with Coleman being involved with the team since 1973 and Leitner beginning in 1980. During the day 1090 features a variety of announcers with differing styles and hence divergent fan bases. For the hardcore Padres' fan Darren Smith's show which airs everyday from 2-6 PM PT with Marty Caswell is hard to beat; particularly his weekly interview segments with Padres' GM Jed Hoyer. Additionally 1090 features a monthly pre-game feature with MadFriars from one of the Padres' affiliates.

XTRA Sports 1360: Is the home of Charger football but also provides some baseball coverage during the year with Chris Ello and Ben Higgins and The Drive with Josh Rosenberg and Charod Williams. Also, as mentioned above, it is the home of The Friarhood Radio.


Channel 4 San Diego: broadcasts nearly all of the Padres games which appear on Cox Cable in San Diego but can also be seen on DirectTV's Extra Innings MLB package out of market. Dick Enberg and Mark Grant are the two primary announcers with Tony Gwynn filling in when his schedule at SDSU allows. They offer good pre and post-game coverage with Bob Scanlan, John Weisbarth and Jenny Cavnar.

Tomorrow we begin our new regular feature, our media guide for the Padres' minor leagues.

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