MadFriars' Interview: Logan Forsythe

2b/3b/SS Logan Forsythe is one of the many prospects from a very good 2008 draft that are beginning to make their way to the big leagues. Drafted originally as a third baseman the versatile Forsythe was thought to be able to play multiple positions, possibly even catcher before settling on second base.

Washington DC: Infielder Logan Forsythe, 24, was a supplemental first round pick by the San Diego Padres in the 2008 draft out of the University of Arkansas.

He had a tough time when he first came into the organization breaking his thumb sliding with a headfirst slide into home plate in Eugene after just three games. He bounced back with a big half-season in Lake Elsinore in 2009 hitting .322/472/.504 before being promoted to AA San Antonio.

Unfortunately Nelson Wolff Stadium with its swirling winds to right-center killed Forsythe's offensive numbers hitting .246/.324/.323 at home in 2009 and was even worse in 2010 at .189/.300/.245 after moving to second base.

However he hit very well on the road at .316/.449/.429 and in ‘09.316/.444/.439.

This year he started off the year in AAA Tucson before making his major league debut on May 4. Playing in a much more friendly hitting environment in southern Arizona has greatly benefitted his overall numbers hitting .270/.388/.459.

We caught up with Logan on the Padres' recent road trip in Washington DC.

What was it like when you first got the call up to the major leagues?

Logan Forsythe: It was pretty cool. TK [Terry Kennedy the Tucson manager] pulled me off the field and was yelling at me to come over here. Then he stuck his hand out and said "Congratulations" and I was speechless. I started packing up immediately and was up the next day. It was just great.

Do you get annoyed whenever someone is called up when the first question you get is, "Did you think they were joking?"

Does anyone really joke about something like this?

Logan Forsythe: [laughs] To some people maybe, but the manager would never do that. That would be really cruel.

I saw you in Lake Elsinore playing third and I noticed it the next year in spring training. Did you lose some weight after the '09 season?

Logan Forsythe: Yeah, a little bit. I didn't lose the weight to get quicker at second but I like playing lighter. Its kind of a choice for me, I just feel better lighter. I eat better and it helps me more in the weight room.

Did you lose any strength?

Logan Forsythe: I'm actually stronger the lighter that I am.

When you first got drafted there was some discussion about where you were going to play and your response basically was that I am a "baseball player, I will play anywhere".

So have you enjoyed playing the multiple positions? Now you are even playing some shortstop.

Logan Forsythe: I am. Its a challenge and I always enjoy that. If they want me to play more positions, that is what I will do. Playing third is natural, second has become that and now we are trying to there with short.

It seems that shortstop is the most physically demanding but also the easiest because everything is always in front of you. The big thing is getting to the ball.

Logan Forsythe: That is the biggest thing for me but it was also the same way when I moved to second last year. Its all about the hands and feet working together. The best way to get there is by getting game reps.

It seems playing short if you can get past the physical part might actually be easier than second because you have so many weird angles and have to make that blind double play turn.

Logan Forsythe: The angles were the biggest thing to me. Once I got them down it did become easier for me. It also really helped me when I slowed it down and second and I think I've been pretty good since.

You know this question is coming, you have hit everywhere except at home in San Antonio. What was the big problem performing there? On the road you were putting up numbers. Did it get into you mentally?

Logan Forsythe: Mentally it didn't get me. Its just a tough place to hit right-center and that is always where my power has been. The ball just seemed to get hung up. I really don't know what it was.

You must have been pretty happy to go to Tucson.

Logan Forsythe: [laughs] Very happy.

What went through your mind when you got your first hit yesterday? I know you are a fan of the game and now you are in the record books forever.

Logan Forsythe: It was pretty cool but what also made it great was that Blake [Tekotte] got his first on that day too. Buddy [Black] gave us the lineup cards from yesterday so it was a good day, especially with the win.

I assume that you are going to be bouncing back and forth a few times this year. So what is the biggest thing you are working on?

Logan Forsythe: Consistency. Go out there and get my work in. If I am starting I am going to focus on that position, if not I am everywhere. I'm all over the field. Offensively be consistent and try to stay with my approach.

Do anything and everything I can to help the team win.

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