Draft Interview: Cory Spangenberg

MadFriars.com caught up with the San Diego Padres 10th overall pick, as he shares his joy about being drafted and gives fans a taste of the type of player Cory Spangenberg is and will become.

Congratulations! Talk about being selected by the San Diego Padres in the 1st round 10th overall, and what your feelings were.

Cory Spangenberg Its an unbelievable feeling. It has always been a dream of mine to play professionally especially for a team like the Padres. Its just….WOW, an awesome feeling

Have you ever been to San Diego before?

Cory Spangenberg The Padres flew me out last week for a workout, but outside of that I have never been to San Diego.

Something the Padres said was that they felt you were the best college hitter in the draft. When you hear something like that, how does it make you feel?

Cory Spangenberg Hearing people that know the game really well say that about me is incredibly flattering. I don't know if its true, but its always nice to hear. It just gives validation that all my hard work is paying off, but at the same time you have to realize that this is just the beginning. I still have a lot of work to do.

Even though Petco Park is labeled as one of the biggest pitchers parks, Padres management has always believed that it is a great hitters park for speedy line drive hitters. How do you think your game fits into this style?

Cory Spangenberg It fits perfect. I am not a big power guy. I consider myself a line drive, gap to gap type of hitter. So a big park like Petco is the perfect place for me.

What do you believe the strength of your game to be

Cory Spangenberg My hit and run tools. I feel like I am a good hitter for average, I hit to all fields, and I have the speed to turn a double into a triple, take the extra base, and steal a few bases as well.

You played most of this past year at 3B but the Padres drafted you as a 2B, some people profile you as more of a LF. What position do you feel the most comfortable, and where do you see yourself playing in the majors?

Cory Spangenberg I feel the most comfortable at 2nd. It is my natural position, and it is just the best place for me. Given enough repetitions I think I could stay at 3rd or play the outfield. Pretty much whatever I need to play.

The biggest doubts people had about you staying at 2nd was questioning your footwork. What have you done to improve?

Cory Spangenberg I have been taking groundballs every day at both 2nd and 3rd. I didn't know who would draft me or where they would want me to play, so I have been working hard at my defense and footwork at both positions.

Is there a guy in the major leagues that you model your game after?

Cory Sprangenberg I like to watch Dustin Pedroia play. He is not the most athletic or skilled guy, but he always plays hard and goes all out. That is the type of player I want to be.

When you look at your game, is there an area that you need to improve upon to become the player you want to be?

Cory Spangenberg Every area. I can always improve at everything I do. I just hope to keep on getting better at every aspect, and will one day reach the majors.

You currently have a commitment to Miami, should Coach Morris be worried that you wont be a Hurricane?

Cory Spangenberg Yeah. I am looking forward to signing and playing for the Padres, and I cant wait to get out there.

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