Draft Interview: Joe Ross

We catch up with the 25th overall pick to chat about his game, his brother, and his decision about whether or not he will be a Padre or a Bruin.

Congratulations! Talk about being selected by the San Diego Padres in the 1st round 25th overall, and what your feelings were.

Joe Ross Its exciting! I always wanted to be a high draft pick, and the first round is the best you can go. It is just a dream come true.

Being from the Bay area I have to ask. Are you a giants fan?

Joe Ross No not at all. I grew up as an A's fan and my brother was drafted by the A's.

Of course the biggest question everyone wants to know is whether or not Coach Savage (at UCLA) should be worried that you will be a Padre.

Joe Ross Right now…I don't know. It is about 50-50 right now whether or not I go to college. We will see how it plays out. I know there are expectations for me to go to college, but its also hard to pass up being selected in the first round. I wouldn't say he should be worried just yet, I don't know. We will just have to see how this plays out. It is a great opportunity either way.

You were a 1st round pick out of HS, your brother was a 2nd round pick out of college. Any thoughts on being drafted higher than your brother?

Joe Ross I guess it is one of the few things I can brag about. Besides this he has me an almost everything else so it is nice to be selected before him

How will his decision to go to college affect yours?

Joe Ross He doesn't want to persuade me to go one way or the other. He has told me about his experiences at Cal and know his experience in the minors, but he just wants me to do whatever will make myself happy.

For those of us from San Diego who don't know much about you can you give us a brief scouting report? What do you see as your strengths?

Joe Ross I have a 4 seem fastball that sits low to mid 90's. I top out at about 96 mph. A sharp curveball coming in at mid 80's. And a pretty good changeup.

Over your last 4 starts you allowed only 6 hits in 22 innings with 36 K. What is your "swing and miss" or "strikeout" pitch that helped you strike out over 100 guys in only 70 innings

Joe Ross I like to use my curveball with two strikes. It is a pretty dominant pitch, in high school at least. It has a sharp break that causes a lot of hitters to swing over the top and miss. It is my most reliable pitch

How is your elbow doing?

Joe Ross Its good, it was 100% all year. I really don't have any worries about my elbow, or any other health problems. .

Is there a guy in the major leagues that you model your game after?

Joe Ross I would say Felix Hernandez from Seattle. Just because he has a real aggressive mentality on the mound and is able to dominant batters. I wouldn't say I am like him, but I try to have the same mentality when I take the mound.

When you look at your game, is there an area that you need to improve upon to become the player you want to be?

Joe Ross The main thing for me is consistency. But I think that is the same for everyone. You cant always have your best game. I just want to work on being able to throw all my pitches for strikes every outing, and keep my control through the game. Its really all about being consistent.

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