MadFriars Interview: Doug Dascenzo - Part 2

SAN ANTONIO: In part two of our interview with San Antonio Missions' manager Doug Dascenzo we get his impressions on Anthony Bass, Casey Kelly, Jorge Reyes and what he thinks of Brad Brach's critics.

A pitcher that doesn't get much publicity despite putting up some numbers everywhere he has been is Anthony Bass? What makes him so good?

Doug Dascenzo: Velocity. He has a sharp breaking ball and good change with good arm speed. So he has three really good pitches with above-average velocity. He is throwing up to 96 MPH. That is hard. He competes and throws strikes. When you have that type of ability with that mentality; that is what makes his him good.

If he's not getting much attention then people need to start checking him out.

That is why we come down here and ask you these questions coach.

Doug Dascenzo: [laughs] Fair enough.

Casey Kelly got quite a bit of attention because he was part of the Adrian Gonzalez deal. I got to see him for my first time last night and it seems the knock on him is that he catches a little too much of the plate because he is around it so much. Does he need to throw fewer strikes?

Doug Dascenzo: The thing of it is with his fastball that sinks, a two-seamer, sometimes it moves so much he needs to aim for the middle and let it go. Sometimes it might not move as much as he would like and it does catch too much of the plate. He will fine tune it and get it more on the corners. He has a great late breaking ball that is difficult to hit and he has a good change.

He is a great young kid with a competitive nature that makes it look so easy and that is what is tough for a hitter. It comes in at 94 and it looks like he is playing catch. When he keeps the ball down he is very good because they just pound the ball into the ground.

Jorge Reyes had some attention coming out of Oregon. What can you tell us about him?

Doug Dascenzo: Fastball, slider and the ball comes out of his hand nice. A lot of movement and he is coming off of a surgery where he had a small tear and I wouldn't know it unless someone told me. He works very quick which is great for the team behind you. Another young right hander that we are really high on.

Last guy we want to talk about is Brad Brach. He's led the Midwest and Cal Leagues in saves and now is doing the same in the Texas League. The knock on him by some publications is that he only throws one pitch, without that much velocity..

Doug Dascenzo: Those are two things that are wrong..

I'm getting there coach. What are people not seeing and how much has he improved since he first came into the organization?

Doug Dascenzo: [laughs] Ok, ok. How about this, his velocity has picked up about 5 mph. He was around 94 the other night and has gotten up to 96 this year. He was around 89 to 91 in Fort Wayne but a few years in the system, getting stronger and growing into the role we have for him has moved his velocity up. It happens to some guys.

He's one of those kind of guys and who knows where it stops? Is it 97 or 98? I don't know but two years ago when he was 89 to 91 if you told him he would be throwing 94 to 96, not a whole lot would have believed it.

When you are trying to get hitters out you need command, velocity and a second or trick pitch if you are a late inning type guy. If you are a starter you need a third pitch.

What Brach has is command, velocity and he has a late breaking slider that almost acts like a split. He also has a forkball that he can throw and his slider is sharp and late and no one has hit so far.

His velocity also plays higher than the number because of his deception and because of his length.

That is why we have the levels, the seasons so these kids can go out and compete and play and see how far they can go.

I like Brad Brach a lot and will put my money on him any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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