MadFriars' Interview: Jonathan Galvez

LAKE ELSINORE: 2b/SS Jonathan Galvez, 20, was signed out of the Dominican Republic when he was seventeen by the Padres. At 6'2" 185 lbs. San Diego has always envisioned him filling out and turning into a middle infielder that could develop into an offensive force.

The best attribute that he has shown so far is a good understanding of the strike zone, posting an on-base percentage of .449 in his initial year as a professional with the DSL Padres in 2009.

Last year in Fort Wayne he put up some good numbers for his first year in full season ball hitting .259/.360/.397 but made 43 errors in 114 games; primarily as a shortstop.

The organization has moved him over to second this year in Lake Elsinore and he has responded with his best offensive numbers so far, hitting .296/.361/.478, setting personal bests in every offensive category.

The errors are also down to 21 including none so far in August.

We caught up with Jonathan at the end of July where he showed much more proficiency in English than I in Spanish.

How has the change from shortstop to second base gone this year?

Jonathan Galvez: It hasn't been that much of a change for me because a ground ball is a ground ball anywhere. The big difference is the angles that the ball is coming to you.

I feel better at second than at short.

This year has been your best year at the plate. How come?

Jonathan Galvez: I really am waiting for my pitch, which has improved from last year.

You have always been a patient hitter, which is unusual for someone so young - especially from the Dominican Republic where everyone likes to swing.

Jonathan Galvez: I know what I want to hit when I am at the plate. I've always been like that. I'm going to swing at my pitch.

We hear so much about the Padres' Academy in the Dominican Republic. Can you tell us a little about it?

Jonathan Galvez: I signed at 16 and played for a year in the Dominican Summer League. We have classes in the complex that are about school and baseball. We really worked on our English.

What was the biggest change coming from the Dominican Republic to places like Arizona and Indiana?

Jonathan Galvez: The language was the big thing and the food, especially in Indiana.

Watching television and lots of movies helped my English.

What was it like for you to see snow for the first time?

Jonathan Galvez: Indiana was very different. Very cold [laughs].

But we found a Dominican Restaurant out there, so that helped.

Dominican food in Indiana?

Jonathan Galvez: Yes, it was good too. [laughs]

You are playing well this year what is your goal for the rest of the year?

Jonathan Galvez: Just to keep my focus. This year I have done a good job concentrating and I want to continue to keep my head in the game at all times.

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