MadFriars' Interview: Bronswell Patrick

LAKE ELSINORE: Bronswell Patrick is in his fourth year with the Padres' organization and his first year with the Storm after being in Fort Wayne in 2010 and Eugene in 2009. We caught up with him at the end of July to go over some of the pitchers that he has worked with the year in the Cal League.

Can you tell us a little about Matt Lollis? We know you guys moved him to the pen because of his innings count and plan on bringing him back to the rotation at the end of the season.

Bronswell Patrick: As far as the innings go that is what we are doing. He throws a fastball, curveball, changeup and slider. He has been pitching really well out of the pen, looks very comfortable. We have him pitching every fourth day to keep him on his starter's schedule.

The only thing that he really needs to work on is to clean up his mechanics a little and his delivery. Everything else is on the plus side. Size, strength and good fastball; there is a lot to like. His change-up is pretty good.

For a man his size he seems like a pretty good athlete.

Bronswell Patrick: He is and for people with that size sometimes it takes a little longer with the mechanics. He moves around pretty well and is just an all around good athlete.

Because of his size he is able to throw with a pretty good tilt. When I saw him last year in Eugene it seemed like batters were always trying to hit up on the ball. Since his hits and walks are up this year do you still see the tilt?

Bronswell Patrick: Its not like it was last year but it is getting there. He is still young and learning. I had him in Fort Wayne last season and everything was a downhill plane. This year he has been overthrowing a bit and pulling off of the ball some. That is something small to clean up and he will be on his way.

That is why its about development.

Bronswell Patrick: Exactly.

I want to get your opinions on Michael Watt and Jerry Sullivan.

Bronswell Patrick: Michael finished up strong for me in Fort Wayne last year. When he gets the ball up in the zone he's had some bad luck because guys just haven't missed the ball. He's also been lights out at times for us too and given us a chance to win some games. He goes about his business the right way and is a great kid.

Occasionally he doesn't finish pitches but when I remind him he corrects it immediately. We can usually count on him for a good five or six innings each outing.

What type of pitches does Watt throw?

Bronswell Patrick: He is more of a two-seam/change-up type pitcher. He uses his curve ball sparingly. Real good sink on his fastball and good change. When he has his curve ball going too he can be very effective.

His velocity has picked up some since we got him. He's been as high as 94 this year. Cleaning up his mechanics helped some.

Sullivan has eaten up quite a few innings this year but his ERA is a little high. What has he done well and what does he need to work on?

Bronswell Patrick: He's done well as far as using his sinker and getting ground balls. We are still working with him on his slider. He doesn't have the wipeout slider he's had for the past few years; but its improving.

I know the numbers are not where we would like, but the numbers aren't always the numbers. Its the Cal League where quite a few balls get through the infield on the ground and wind aided home runs so you have to take those into consideration.

Sully goes out and competes everyday and his sinker has gotten better. He needs to develop his slider and changeup more when he is behind in the count. Those are the big things he needs to work on.

How has Jeremy McBryde looked this year? When his sinker is on its been compared to trying to hit a bowling ball. Is the move to the pen permanent or do you see him starting again?

Bronswell Patrick: Jeremy needs to be in the pen. He has great sink on his fastball and his slider has really improved. Guys know its coming and they still can't hit it. He's improved a lot from the beginning until now.

He has really pounded the zone and in this case I think they are very accurate. He likes the role that he is in now with the game on the line.

Is that why you like him coming out of the pen because his velocity will remain more consistent over one or two innings as compared to five or six?

Bronswell Patrick: Yeah as a big league reliever I can see him developing into that.

I'm a big fan of Zach Herr. He just seems like a really aggressive pitcher for someone that is not that big.

Bronswell Patrick: That is the thing about Zach, he is not shy. He is very competitive and will go after hitters. He is not intimidated by anyone and will go after them on the first pitch. He has a great breaking ball that will put hitters away.

He was here last year and is a great team leader. Just an all around great kid on and off the field. I love to watch him compete.

He seems to be throwing his curve much better.

Bronswell Patrick: He can throw his curve for strikes early in the count for strikes.

Last question, Miles Mikolas. Can you go over him a little?

Bronswell Patrick: Great size for a pitcher. I had him in Eugene and Fort Wayne. His first year he seemed a little tired but last year his velocity seemed to pick up when we used him as a closer.

He did well in that role last year and this year as a closer. He really wants the ball in those situations and it showed. He can bring up to 96 or 98 with a solid curve.

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