Geer outduels Colby Lewis 3-0

How many times are you going to see that? In a minor league battle of a world series starting pitcher verse a former big leaguer who has missed the last 11 months recovering from cancer who would have guessed that the Padres would win the contest? Chris Denorfia and Blake Tekotte provide the offensive spark and after Geer left the bases loaded in the 1st, it was smooth sailing.

Colby Lewis was making a start for the AAA Ranger team, so the Pad Squad decided to bring out their best lineup which included a rehabbing Dino. A line-up that featured Tekotte, Liriano, Belnome, Freiman, Hagerty, Robertson, Rincon and of course Dino had an extra base hit off Lewis in all 4 innings, Lewis was on the mound. Lewis had nasty stuff at times striking out Hagerty on a sinking fastball right at the knees, but when he left his FB (which reached 95 in the game) up the Padres did not miss. In the 3rd inning the Padres would get on the board as Dino singled home Carlos Sosa for the 1st run of the game. An inning later Tekotte led off with a 2B. After a Belnome K and a Dino deep fly out, Liriano hit the ball in the 5.5 hole scoring Tekotte. That would be all for Lewis as he left after 3.2 IP, 6 H (4 xbh), 2 ER, 1 BB, 3 K.

The story of the game though was Josh Geer , who was making his 1st "official" start since he went down with cancer in the 1st week of April last year. While Lewis was comfortably hitting the low to mid 90s with every FB, Geer was throwing the kitchen sink. Nothing he threw was straight, and even though his FB only topped out in the upper 80's, the hitters were constantly off balanced. Geer ended the day with a line of 2 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.

In other news

Beemer Weems was back on the field after missing the end of last season including the postseason at home recovering from injuries. He showed no signs of problems as he comfortably moved around short, making plays in the hole look routine. He even came up in the minor league game and lined a solid single to LF.

Edinson Rincon, remains a conundrum. After working hard on his defense all winter, Rincon turned a very routine play into a 2 base error. I will give him credit his foot work at 3rd looks a lot better this year than when I saw him in Lake Elsinore last year but he remains perplexing. However, Rincon made up for his mistake in the bottom half of the inning by BOOMING a double in the gap.

Clayton Richard was out early and often working on his bunting. After practicing before the game, Richard came up to lead off the 1st 2 innings, and succeeded in getting the bunt down both times. However, as 1 couch remarked to me the way he was holding the bat and laying the bunt looked more like he was "stabbing at it" rather than "catching the ball like an egg." As I was informed stabbing at it might work if you are bunting for a base hit, but it is much less controlled and will lead to far more foul balls or fast bunts right back to the pitcher. His last bunt of the day might as well have been a grounder as it made it all the way to the bag.

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