MadFriars' Interview: Everett Williams

PEORIA, AZ: Everett Williams was taken in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft by the San Diego Padres. It was a draft class that had the potential of being something special with Williams, and fellow high school stars Donavan Tate and Keyvius Sampson. Williams was ranked the #8 prospect in the system in 2010, and that's when it went downhill.

When Williams' was drafted in 2009, he came with the scouting report that he has plus speed, good glove in center field, and would have developing power as he added muscle.

Williams' struggled in all of those areas in 2010. He hit only .244/.333/.372 in 107 G. More troubling was the 131 stikeouts and only 10 stolen bases.

Williams' spent most of the 2010-2011 offseason working with the Padres on developing the tools that made him a second round pick, and entered 2011 ready to show that he improved.

In only 6 games, Williams was hitting .300/.391/.300 with five runs scored and three stolen bases. Unfortunately a collision with Donovan Tate in the outfield chasing a fly ball cost him the season.

Now fully healed we caught up with the now twenty-one year old outfielder.

The biggest question has to be, how is the knee

Everett Williams The knee is good. It took longer than I would have liked to heal, but I was finally able to start running again in October and have been aching to get back to playing.

What was it like having to spend nearly the entire year rehabbing?

Everett Williams It was frustrating. Tearing my ACL was just frustrating, as I was hoping to play in (nearly) every game last year.

It is not something I would wish on other people. Being out the entire season is pretty intense. I got used to in 2010 to waking up, practicing, and then playing baseball every day. So it was tough to adjust to waking up and going to rehab for most of the day. It sucked.

Did you learn anything from it, that is going to help you in the long run?

Everett Williams Probably respect for other people that come back after missing a year. When you grow up you hear about people going down with season ending injuries all the time, but you don't really think much other than you will see them next year.

Until you go through the time and patience of not playing (baseball) for months on end, you don't really know what its like. So I think it helped me learn to appreciate being able to play more, and have respect for those who have come back from missing a year.

The season is over, your finally able to run and resume baseball activities again. What did you do during the offseason?

Everett Williams Mainly working out. I spent a lot of time just trying to get myself mentally prepared for the upcoming year. Because of my leg, I didn't want to risk reinjuring it so I decided against going hunting this year. Which was sad, but I am in camp healthy and ready so I cannot complain.

I did have some time to be with family, play Call of Duty with friends, and relax a bit; but mainly my offseason was spent making sure I was in shape and ready to pick up where I left off before the injury last year.

Aside from staying healthy what are your goals for the year?

Everett Williams The big thing for me is putting the ball in play more and cutting down on the strikeouts. I was told that when I made contact in 2010 I hit well over .300 (.367 BABIP in 2010). I want to play every day. It doesn't matter where I am playing as long as I am in the lineup.

My other goal is to make it to San Antonio. I will be happy wherever I go, but my goal is to make it to San Antonio by the end of the year. My family and friends are all from Austin which is only 45 min away, so it will be nice to have them be able to go to my games on a regular basis.

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