MadFriars' Interview: Beamer Weems

PEORIA, AZ: Beemer Weems has been ranked as the Padres' best defensive infielder for the last two seasons. It has never been a question as whether or not he had the ability to play the position at the major league level. The big question is could he hit enough to justify a team putting his plus glove in the lineup.

Beamer Weems was drafted in the 8th round if the 2008 draft out of Baylor University by the San Diego Padres.

When he was drafted the scouting report read "All glove, no bat." In fact the Padres thought so highly of his glove that when AA shortstop Sean Kazmar was promoted to San Diego as a September callup, the Padres decided to have Weems jump from Eugene to San Antonio and take his place.

Weems has made it his mission over the last three plus years to prove to scouts and the Padres' brass that he is more than just a pretty glove. He has hoped that he could hit well enough to become an everyday MLB infielder.

Unfortunately, as fate and luck would have it things have not gone as planned.

In 2009 Weems played in 108 games in the Cal League earning a post season all-star nod after playing stellar defense and hitting .253/.401/.354. In the 2 years since then Weems has played in all of 107 games missing significant time both years due to injuries.

Despite an early injury 2012, this season promises a new start for him as he attempts to right the ship and stay healthy. We caught up with Weems to discuss his health, hunting, and baseball at the end of spring training.

You look great! Everything healed and ready to go?

Beamer Weems Yeah, everything is healthy now and I am ready to play baseball.

I unfortunately missed my club [San Antonio] winning the championship last year as I was back in Peoria rehabbing. It was a tough way to end the season, especially when your team wins it all and you're a thousand miles away. But everything is good now, and I am looking forward to hopefully getting a full season in in 2012.

How was the rehab process?

Beamer Weems: They had me take some time off at first. A lot of deep tissue massages, nothing too strenuous though. Then just had to give it time to let it heal. It took four months from the time of the injury until I was able to resume baseball drills.

Finally (October) they let me get back into the cage to take some swings, and take some ground balls at short. When I did it was a relief, and felt really really good just to be back out there.

Once you got healthy, what did you do with your final few months of the offseason?

Beamer Weems: Got in the cage a lot as I wanted to stay ready. Also had time to go back home, be with family, and do some hunting and fishing. I love hunting white tail [deer]. So it made it a really good offseason.

What do you think of the continued scouting reports that you are all glove and no bat?

Beamer Weems: You know I don't get too caught up in what someone says about me. If anything I look at the positive side of things, as it is nice to be thought of as a great defensive shortstop as that is something I pride myself on.

As far as the rest of it goes, it will not stop me from trying my best at the plate, and if anything give me motivation to try and prove them wrong.

In your first three seasons in the Padres' system you hit all of three home runs, last year you hit nine home runs in San Antonio. What can you attribute to the drastic change?

Beamer Weems: After the injury in 2010 I had a lot of time of just recovery. I was able to watch video and really look at my swings. When I finally got back into the cage I worked with the hitting coaches, in both Peoria and San Antonio, to try to put myself in a better condition to make harder contact.

Some of it was also just building muscle as I grew older, but for the most part I am really just trying to put the barrel of the bat on the ball and see if I cant do damage with it.

It took two years for you to get in one complete season in AA, so now what are your goals for 2012 as you are undoubtedly going to AAA?

Beamer Weems : The obvious goal is I just want to stay healthy. It doesn't really matter where I end up to be honest. I just want to stay healthy and play to my best ability. I know if those two things happen it will be a great year for me.

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