2013 Draft Scouting Report: Bobby Wahl

When it comes to scouting for the draft, much of the hard work is done in the summer. That's why we're on the scene this summer, scouting the top amateur leagues, and showcases. As part of our 2013 draft coverage, we're providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on the names you need to know. Here's a report from the Collegiate National Team, as we evaluate right-hander Bobby Wahl.

Name: Bobby Wahl
Position: Pitcher
School: Ole Miss
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 200
Bats/Throws: R/R

Events Scouted: Team USA

Physical Description

Wahl has an outstanding pitcher's frame. He has a long lower half and some strength there as well. But, there's also room for him to fill out a little bit more. So, as far as projection, he may not be quite finished in that department either.


Wahl has a long, sound arm action but there are some spots where he could afford to improve. His weight leaks forward a little bit, which causes his finish to be a little rougher than it needs to be. Even with that said, he finishes his pitches consistently and gets terrific extension toward the hitters. His downhill plane is superb.


The fastball stands out right away with Wahl. He produces easy 92-95 mph velocity and will bump 96 now and then. But, it's the life and his ability to miss bats with his fastball that impresses me most. He's getting swings and misses down in the strike zone on his fastball. In other words, it's getting on hitters even faster than the radar gun would indicate. And, he's already spotting it very well.


Wahl's slider is going to be another plus weapon for him at the professional level. It's a late, two-plane breaking ball at 82-85 mph. He has a tendency to get a little too much plate, however. It's good to see him throw it for strikes but I'd like to see him expand the zone with it some more.


The right-hander didn't feature the changeup much in the outing I saw him, but it looks like he has a solid feel for it. He throws it around 80-81 mph and it shows some decent arm side fade.


Wahl has top of the rotation type stuff, and he has top of the rotation type command of his fastball. If he continues to show the command he has featured and the easy, explosive fastball he's clearly a top ten pick come June.

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