2014 Intro: Blake Hance

2014 tight end Blake Hance talks with FOX Sports NEXT about his budding recruitment process, and which conference he's always dreamed of playing in.

Recruitment is already kicking off for the class of 2014, and TE/DE Blake Hance (Jacksonville, Ill./Jacksonville) is starting his process. This summer he's attended camps for Missouri, Indiana, Northern Illinois, and Illinois and plans to attend a one-day camp at Vanderbilt Sunday. He's also received correspondence from Princeton and Oklahoma.

The 6-foot-6, 250-pound rising junior has had the opportunity to talk to a number of coaches who have come through his school, and said people usually first take notice of his size.

"At first sight coaches usually like me because of my size, that catches their eye," Hance said.

Hance has learned that a change in position may come somewhere down the line at the next level.

"Right now I play tight end and defensive end," Hance said, "but a lot of the coaches I've talked to say they project me at offensive tackle or defensive tackle in college."

There is the chance that Hance could grow a bit more before he heads off to college, but at this point, he's not actively trying to gain weight for those positions.

"If I talk to more coaches and they say they see me at O-line I'd be able to focus on gaining more weight," he said. "Right now at tight end I don't really want to compromise my speed."

Hance said he's looking forward to getting more into the recruiting process, and getting to know the coaches and campuses. While his opportunities are wide open, there's one conference Hance wouldn't turn down the chance to play in.

"I've always been a Big Ten guy, just from being in this area," he said. "If I got to play for a Big Ten school, that would be really cool."

Stay tuned for FOX Sports NEXT for all the latest on Hance and the rest of the class of 2014.

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