MadFriars' Interview: Jonathan Galvez

TUCSON, AZ: Jonathan Galvez, 22, has always been one of the more interesting prospects in the organization. At 6'3" he is tall and rangy for a middle infielder and in five plus minor league seasons has a career OPS of .804.

He was signed by San Diego from the Dominican Republic at only 17, he made his first appearance stateside in the Arizona League in 2009 where he hit .295/.399/.503 at shortstop.

The hallmarks of Galvez's game has always been patience at the plate to go along with an ability to shoot the ball into the gaps. In 2011 he hit 36 doubles for the Storm and last year, despite enduring numerous stints on the disabled list, he still had twenty-eight extra-base hits in 82 games for San Antonio in 2012.

The big question with Jonathan has always been his defense, specifically does he have enough of a glove to stay at second where his offensive value would be its highest. The Padres have been happy with his improvement and expect to see continued progress this year with Tucson at second, third and in left field.

What is your biggest improvement from last year?

Jonathan Galvez: My defense has gotten better. That is my biggest improvement from last year and it's what I put the most time into during the off-season.

You started as a shortstop but the team moved you to second base two years ago when you were promoted to Lake Elsinore. Even though shortstop is considered the more difficult position was it tough getting used to the angles at second?

Jonathan Galvez: Yes, that is true. The biggest difference was the angles for me so I had to make a lot of adjustments on how I would get to the ball.

You have also been playing some third and the outfield. How has that been going?

Jonathan Galvez: I like it because it gives me more opportunities to make it to the big leagues. The more positions I learn, the more opportunities.

When right-handed batters hit the ball it does come a little quicker at third.

Jonathan Galvez: [laughs] Yes, very quickly.

Randy Smith, the head of development for the Padres, he praised your improvement from last year. Did your experience in major league camp this spring help you further improve?

Jonathan Galvez: Yes, very much. I tried to work very hard in spring, especially with [Everth] Cabrera on playing second and third. So yes, that was a very good experience for me.

This is one of the better places to hit in the Padres' organization. How do you like hitting here compared to San Antonio?

Jonathan Galvez: [laughs] I like it a lot more. I like the people and the town of San Antonio but it is a tough place to hit. I feel much better here than in San Antonio.

You are from a place that is hot but not the same type of heat that there will be this summer in Arizona. Are you ready for the heat?

Jonathan Galvez: [laughs] Yes, I like the heat! It is like the Dominican and I will take that over the snow in Fort Wayne.

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