Buffed Blades

Keep your blades shiny and you'll clearly attract more attention. Fish like shimmer! A little extra attention to detail goes a long ways!

This may seem OCD, but muskie anglers across the board would likely agree: We’re all that way. Especially during the offseason we find any task possible to help pass the days until opener.

But, sometimes those tasks don’t get realized until the season has already started. Better late than never, I always say.

Regardless of species, most of us use spinners from time to time. They are a great bait that produce a lot of flash, thus garner bites, but during storage these shiny attracters tend to fade over time. Here’s a quick fix that puts luster back into your blades and only takes a few seconds.

I get a few sheets of paper towel and a small bottle of cleaner like Brasso or polisher of some sort.

It won’t take much, but it does add more shine to each blade, which means the flash will reach deeper into the abyss—thus attracting more attention.

A great rainy-day task that could help your productivity on the water next time around.

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