Position Preview: Quarterback

CuseNation.com will breakdown each position entering training camp. We start by taking a look at the quarterback position.

Syracuse will start training camp the first week in August as they prepare for the 2014 season. CuseNation.com takes a look at the quarterback position entering camp.

Current Depth Chart

Starter: Terrel Hunt

Backup: Mitch Kimble

Third String: A.J. Long

The Incumbent

Terrel Hunt enters camp as the returning starter. He finished the season 7-4 as the starter last season, taking over for Drew Allen in week three. While struggling throwing the ball down the field, Hunt showed a knack for making plays, especially in the biggest moments of the game.

Hunt used his legs very well, and developed as a reader of defenses the further along the season went. Going into this year, Hunt has to take the next step. He showed flashes during the spring of being more accurate in the intermediate routes. The square-ins, square outs, medium-range slants, skinny posts, etc.

The passing attack will go as the Hunt goes. His development will be a huge factor in the success of the offense this season. The Orange need more big plays. While Hunt’s legs are a valuable weapon, the big plays will become more frequent as he develops into a better pocket passer and delivers a more accurate ball down the field.

Breakout Potential

Mitch Kimble is the backup entering camp, and based on the praise he has received from the coaching staff starting with training camp last year, he is likely to stay there. While replacing Hunt as the primary starter is only likely with an injury, it is possible Kimble come in during mop-up duty a few times this season.

It will give Kimble the opportunity to show some of his ability and give Syracuse fans a look as to whether he can be the guy once Hunt graduates.

Freshman Impact

Syracuse has two freshman at quarterback from the 2014 recruiting class. A.J. Long got a head start by arriving in the spring, and currently sits ahead of redshirt freshman Austin Wilson on the depth chart. Alin Edouard joined the squad over the summer, and is fifth on the depth chart.

Neither is likely to have a big impact on the season, as both are expected to redshirt. But Long’s ability to jump Wilson speaks to his work ethic over just a few months. Edouard may have the most long-term potential, and this season will be important as he becomes integrated into the strength and conditioning program.

Projected Starter

Hunt is clearly the guy. He is as important to the success of the 2014 Syracuse Orange as anyone on the roster. Whether or not he takes the next step in his development will have ramifications on next season as well.

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