MadFriars' Interview: Ruddy Giron

FORT WAYNE - The biggest story in the Padres’ system has been the emergence of TinCaps’ shortstop Ruddy Giron, who just turned 18 in January.

Through his first 14 games he is hitting .441/.468/.712 and has had a hit in all but three of his games. In addition to his gaudy offensive numbers Giron has gone a long way in stabilizing the infield defense and helped Fort Wayne begin to turn around their season after a rough start, particularly at shortstop, where he has made only four errors.

“He’s a shortstop,” Francisco Morales, the TinCaps’ manager said on his defensive ability.

“For his age he has the instincts and knows how to deal with the stage which for some guys who come up from the Arizona League that are that young is difficult. ”

“Not him.”

Giron signed with the Padres in 2013 and last year hit .168/.222/.205 in the Arizona League in 193 plate appearances.

“He was playing real well for us in spring and then he had an ankle injury just before the season last year,” said Padres’ Infield Coordinator Eddie Rodriguez.

“He may have come back a little too early, but this is one of the hardest working kids you will ever find. Every day he was out there in the summer in Arizona and he just wouldn’t quit.”

We caught up with Ruddy before a recent game in Fort Wayne to find out a little bit more about him.

How did the Padres find out about you and when did you sign with them?

Ruddy Giron: In 2013 I had a two day workout with the them on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first day I thought it went really well and my representative and San Diego’s scout began to negotiate.

The next day more guys from the Padres came out and saw me, and I thought my workout was even better than on Tuesday. So we continued to negotiate and came to an agreement.

You played last season in the Arizona League where you struggled. This year in Fort Wayne you have been putting up some great numbers. What did you do to improve?

Ruddy Giron: In the off-season I did a lot of work. I took a little time off right after the season, then I really started to work. I knew that this year was really going to be a long season. I tried to work on everything because I needed to get better at everything.

So far you have shown quite a bit of power. Should we expect that out of you in the future?

Ruddy Giron: [laughs]No, I’ve always been much more of a line drive hitter. I am always looking to hit line drives but you know occasionally one will go out. I try to keep the same swing at all times and sometimes a ball will go out.

But, no I don’t try to hit home runs.

You seem very comfortable at shortstop defensively. Is that the only position that you have ever played?

Ruddy Giron: Yes. It is the only position that I have ever played, but I do think I have the ability to play other positions.

What do you want to improve upon most?

Ruddy Giron: Offensively I would like to have better plate discipline. I don’t want to chase bad pitches. Defensively I need to relax more and continue to improve on getting to more balls.

There will always be things that I need to work on to get better.

A special thanks to Coach Rodriguez for the translation assistance.

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