Mad Friars Rant from a Displaced Padre Fan

Well, let me start by stating that I've been a Padre Fan since the day the moved to "The Murph" which about as far back I can remember. I remember the "good ol' days" when being a Jr. Padre cost about .50 cents and you got something like 10 games for that. You could show up, sit in left field and yes, occasionally sneak down to 1st or 3rd base lines. Ok, you could pretty much just head on down there in those days.

Well, now that I'm displaced in Boise, Idaho, I still follow the Pad's. I get to see the Single A team when they come to down and catch Fernando Valenzuela Jr. and Bochy's son play every once in a while. I can catch the Pad's over the internet too.

So, yes, I'm a bit displaced but it gives me a perspective that you can only get if you aren't reading the local papers, hearing the same old news everyday, etc. On to my Rant and Rave for the week:

What's up with the Rondell White deal?

Yes, we know the Pad's said they'd be competitive when they moved into the new stadium and Brian Giles and Jason Kendall would be great/good additions but Rondell has been doing a splendid job. He wants to stay in SD too.

What do you do?

Do you give up Nady and some pitchers? The Pad's need pitchers. The Pad's need bats – thankfully Nevin's back and Hoffman may be soon, but can the Pad's afford to take Giles and Kendall's contracts?

I don't think so unless they've been banking the extra dollars in a 2% money market account for a few years.

Ok, here's what I think.

Renegotiate Rondell's contract. He wants to stay and he'll take the SD discount. Take Giles and maybe Kendall too if we can do it, but it breaks my heart to loose Nady though.

If you try to wait it out you may loose out on some opportunistic players and Pads need to get some momentum going this season. Klesko isn't too happy about being in the basement all the time and upgrading will help keep him happy. Will the Pad's really spend the Dollars this time? I hope so but I'm not overly optimistic. Will the Pad's loose more than a 100 games? I think it depends on the trades over the next week or so.

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