The Case Against the Trade

When I think about the possibility of the San Diego Padres acquiring Brian Giles, I admittedly smile a bit. C'mon, what is not to like about Giles? Here are his career numbers: .302 AVG, .418 OB%, .565 SLG, OPS .983. You would have to be dead not to get excited about those numbers. The idea of adding a bat like Giles to our lineup should make Padres fans dance in the streets, right?

Not so fast.

The Pirates are trying to dump salary, so the Pirates have attached highly-overpaid catcher, Jason Kendall to any deal that includes Giles. The Padres do need a catcher. However, how long will Jason Kendall remain our catcher? He has already logged over 8600+ innings behind the plate, he has had a severe dislocation of his ankle and he had to have ligament replacement in his thumb. Tommy John Lite, if you will.

He was an adequate catcher before, but his ability to get out from behind the plate and field his position has been hampered. His range factor has steadily declined from averaging over 7.5 prior to the ankle injury, to a very poor 5.93. Only Detroit has a lower range factor. 10,000 innings is considered the mark of when you start looking for a position for catchers that can hit. Even if the Pirates eat 20-22 million of his salary, the Padres will still have to pay an average of at least 5 million per year. Now that is not bad for a catcher that can hit, but it is outrageous for a corner outfielder with no pop.

I am not against Kendall. He's a nice player. However, he does not provide what the Padres need for the money.

Another thing is the compensation. I do not believe in untouchables. Any player is available for a price. The compensation for Giles and Kendall is a real question mark. It is believed that the deal would include Oliver Perez, Xavier Nady, Kevin Jarvis and possibly a 4th player. Now if you hated the trade of Mark Phillips, you are ready to challenge Kevin Towers to a duel over Perez. I believe Perez is the sticking point for most fans. Southpaw pitchers with mid 90s gas do not come along too often.

I am aware that we are trying to move Jarvis to get rid of his salary. If we were to lose Perez and Jarvis, that is 2/5 of our rotation and we do not have adequate replacements available. This is a bad time to decimate your staff, especially since Brian Lawrence is having a bad season.

If the rumor is true, the Padres will attempt to trade Klesko if this deal comes down. I believe most Padres fans had a big three in mind (Klesko, Nevin, and Giles), not a big two. If this deal is going to get done, do it in the off-season, when you have a better idea of what free agents can be signed.

Padre's fans have complained for a long time about the club's "building for the future". I think the Kevin Towers is getting the pieces in place to put good club together. What I think the team needs most is the financial flexibility to be able to attract the bigger named free agents in this buyer's market. We should not lose sight of the big picture.

Championships require hitting, pitching, and defense. One hitter does not a championship make…just ask A-Rod.

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