Who's In Our Future?

Well here we are with less than 50 games left and the San Diego Padres, along with the Giants, Yankees, and Braves are in their all too familiar spots. The Friars are sifting through a muck of injured players, losing pitchers, and lost coaches. While their "Giant" northern rivals, are steadily forcing the remainder of the division to make plans for their soon to be open Octobers. It's sad to say, but so far the Padres have lived up to all expectations.

With San Diego's most skilled athletes seeming to reserve the NL's now custom blue and orange basement, it's a little hard to find a good, solid reason to make time for the Pads. The all too familiar Friar Faithful chants of, "Ya the Pads did get shut out, but we gotta great future." And my favorite, "Wait until Hoffman gets back!" is becoming well known city anthems and cheesy argument defenders.

Now, with strong rumors being tossed around concerning Oliver Perez, Xavier Nady and Kevin Jarvis for Brian Giles and his Pirate appointed attachment Jason Kendall, Friar Fans are plagued with questions about our promised "future". Are we going to get rid of another imminent All Star?

Don't get me wrong, having Giles in the line up next to Nevin could be a big step towards a ring. But what about the "future" we Friar Faithful have been promised for an eternity? What will happen if the future is an 80's born Tijuana Left Hander who was on our mound as a Padre and then traded to be another town's hero? I say Kevin Towers needs to keep Perez and find other means to get Giles.

All Padre Loyalists have screamed about the full All-Star team that has been given away by our MLB representatives. The Sheffield's, Brown's, Smith's, Mcgriff's, tons of good ones made trips through San Diego and were sent away to become team commanders for other managers. It's time for Towers to let us keep our homegrown competitors and start the future he has promised. Going to Petco with an unusual and new, "Team of the Future" would be a good way to start off bad.

Go Padres!


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