Padres Future Coaching Staff

<b>The Padres have a great coaching staff right in front of them, they just need to put it together.</b><br><br> The Padres are lucky enough to have many of baseball's greats working in their organization right now. A great coaching staff is already here, it just needs to be put together. With a little negotiating, and even some begging, the Padres could put together the best coaching staff in all of baseball.

Manager- First of all, Bruce Bochy is a very good manager. He does very well with what he is given, and with a contending roster, he will deliver a winning team. We are set at manager, and Bochy has already shown what he can do.

Hitting Coach- Everyone knows that Dave Winfield is working in the front office of the Padres, and he would make the perfect hitting coach. Being a hall-of-famer, Dave Winfield knows how to hit and could be very helpful to the kids, as well as the seasoned veterans such as Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin. Winfield was known for being a big, strong power hitter, and that is exactly what Phil and Ryan are. Imagine what Dave could do with these two.

Pitching Coach- Dave Stewart was the pitching coach in San Diego in 1998, and look what he did. Taking a pitching staff with Sterling Hitchcock, Andy Ashby, and Joey Hamilton all the way to the World Series is a definite success. Right now Dave is helping out in the Padres organization by doing a little advanced scouting in the minor leagues. If you give our young pitching staff to Dave Stewart, there is no telling what could happen.

Bullpen Coach- Ever since coming up to the big league as the Padres pitching coach, Darren Balsley has turned this pitching staff around. The younger players are very familiar with Darren from their minor league days, and having him in the bullpen could be a comfortable environment. The bullpen coach is usually overlooked, but in 1998 the Padres had a pretty decent bullpen coach in Greg Booker.

Base Coaches- There is not a first base coach in the Major Leagues today better than Davey Lopes. A former Dodger who knows plenty about base running, stresses the basics even in today's power filled game. After a stint as the manager in Milwaukee, Lopes is the perfect fit at first base coach. At third base coach, Rob Picciolo is doing a good job, and so far I don't see why he should be replaced.

Minor Leagues- Minor League coaches could be just as important as Major League coaches. They are responsible for the development of players that need teaching. One man who knows more about Padre players than anyone else in broadcasting is Rick Suttcliffe. Just listening to Sutt talk on T.V, you get the idea that he knows what he is talking about. He knows what each player is doing wrong and right. He has openly said that there are some things wrong with the Padres Minor League organization and has already been on the farm helping out as a pitching associate. Rick would get our Minor League system back on track.

A coaching staff of this caliber would definitely be getting the Padres back on track and ready to compete in the National League West. Oh, and this staff doesn't even include the Padres' future manager of the year, Tony Gwynn.

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