Hoffman Returns

It wasn't the ninth inning, and it wasn't in front of 40,000 screaming San Diego Padres fans, but the bells did go off at the Diamond. Trevor Hoffman returned to the mound at Lake Elsinore for the first time since his off-season surgery on Saturday, and started his road back to the majors.

Trevor Hoffman's one inning appearance came in the bottom of the seventh and lasted four batters. Trevor allowed one hit, with one strikeout after a nasty change-up that you could only expect from Hoffman. His fastball averaged at 85 MPH, while his change-up hit 74. The Storm lost to Rancho Cucamonga 5-2, and they will finish their season on Sunday in a double header.


Josh Barfield, who is chasing a team RBI record, went 0-4 with no RBI's. Right now he is sitting on 115 and needs to reach 124 to get the record with ten games remaining. Even without the record, he is the leading candidate for the California Leagues, MVP and Minor League Player of the Year. An error by the third baseman with two outs cost the Storm three runs and they were never able to recover from it.

Matt Johnson

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