Beavers Players Fined, Suspended

It will be tough for the Portland Beavers to field a team over its remaining games of this season and early next season and puts their playoff hopes in further jeopardy.

According to the AP report, the incident allegedly began when Jim Lowe, a fan of the hometown Las Vegas 51s, heckled Bozied throughout the game. The two exchanged words after the game and Lowe is reported to have thrown a soft stress-relief ball -- a Cashman Field giveaway -- at Bozied.

Nineteen Beavers reportedly rushed into the stands, and become involved in a scuffle with Lowe. The report said that Lowe had cuts and bruises, but declined medical treatment at the scene.

Nearly the entire Beavers team, the Padres' Triple-A affiliate, was fined and suspended by the Pacific Coast League due to an altercation with a fan at Cashman Field in Las Vegas earlier this month. The only player to escape a suspension was pitcher Clay Condrey.

Tagg Bozied was suspended for eight games and every other Beaver at the game, except pitcher Clay Condrey, was suspended for four games.

Beavers manager Rick Sweet must sit out at least three players every game for the rest of the season and some of the suspensions will have to carry over to 2004.

Whether players remain with the Beavers or not will be of no consequence as the suspensions extend throughout the minor leagues. Players who leave the Beavers in the offseason with time remaining on their suspensions will have to complete their suspensions if they play with another minor league team.

Sweet had just nine position players available for Tuesday's game.

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