Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

Well, it's been a rather up and down month from afar. A nice little winning streak followed by a nice losing one. In my last article, I stated that I think the San Diego Padres should keep Rondell White and what happens? He goes on a tear and they trade him. I'm telling you, he'll haunt us somehow down the road. Look who's rumored to be coming back --speaking of hauntings – another X-Padre Gary Sheffield.

I loved the guy when he was here before but it doesn't make sense now, does it? Um, why'd we let him go last time? Imagine if he had been here for the last 10 years?

Phil Nevin is having his moments in right field and I saw the game against The Braves where the commentator made the comment that the Pad's were trying to hide him in right field after he misjudged a fly ball. Maybe so, but, you have to have him in the lineup don't you? A switch with him and Klesko might be ok but I wonder what Klesko would think.

It looked as if the Padres were doing their impression of the "bait and switch" tactic again with The Fans. I maintained that they need to make a trade before the end of the year to gather some momentum and not wait until after the season. I said I would rather have a great last few weeks of the season and go out with some wins rather than ponder the "what ifs" all off-season. "Voila", enter Brian Giles.

I think too, if the Pad's didn't do something, everyone would have jumped ship and watched the Chargers. Now the team is scoring runs and making 7-1 games 7-6 in the seventh and sticking in there even in a loss.

So, what's a real Padre fan to do? Go catch a few games. Get there early. Sneak down to the good seats. Maybe try to sneak a beverage in just to see if you can. Cheer on the Padre's and heckle the opposition. Have a tailgate party and invite some friends. Reminisce about the good ol' days and of things to come. These are the good ol' days where seats are plentiful and non fans don't really care about the team. In a year or so when you can't get any seats (even though you were there in the "thick and thin") just because people want to be seen in the new stadium, you'll know in your heart that you are a true fan. You'll know that you supported The Pad's when no one else would and you can wipe those tears away with your trusty old Padre cap from 2003.

Go Padre's (or maybe it's Madre's).

Kevin McIntyre can be reached at kevin_mcintyre@access4cheap.com

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