Get Em' Towers

Now that fall is almost here, football has taken over the lead sport spot in many of our nations soon to be baseball challenged cities. The Reds fan to Bengals fan, Rockies fans to Bronco Weirdoes, and Friar Faithful to Bolt Backers. Hopefully, during the MLB break, our team will take advantage of the time off and get us fans the pitching and catching battery we deserve. When Petco is finally populated with its Padre rabid crusaders, our team should be ready for a season that includes October.

So the "Perez worthy super hero" Brian Giles, so graciously forced on us by our baseball chief, is doing what was hoped. He has moved the line-up from a K shaped bowl filled with back injuries, shoulder boo boo's, and strained brains to the super charged guts of a power hitting machine.

Since moving to Pittsburgh, Oliver Perez has given up 7 runs on 10 hits in 8 1/3 innings pitched. Ok…chalk one up for the San Diego GM.

With the newly added power shoved into the line-up, Padre Management can focus on those other positions searching for a superman. Rumors about Greg Maddux as a Padre are herd every now and then, but carry the same, "Maddux is old!" comment. The Yankees Andy Pettitte who is currently 17 and 8, would be a powerful force to have perched on the Petco mound. Catcher Ivan Rodriguez boasts 10 Gold Gloves and a .305 career average. They are both looking for new homes. Some good talent will be up for sale this off season, let's just hope Padre pockets are running pretty deep.

There is also this gnarly lookin', hog riding bug, being spread throughout San Diego by killer closer Rod Beck. With his 20 straight saves and 1.55 ERA friar faithful are hoping for a long stay in the uniform. He has said he wouldn't mind being Hoffman's set up man and likes San Diego. Imagine Beck in the 8th and Trevor in the 9th, that's like giving other teams only 7 innings to score. That tandem has the potential to be the best in baseball.

Shortstop is also a place on the diamond looking for a little shine. Padre trained Khalil Greene is being talked about like he is the second coming but seems to be having a really bad time behind the plate. His defense is better than expected but those big league at bats have made T-ballers laugh. Greene has shown the athletic potential and mental steadiness to be a good player but I am not sure if he is ready for a big league hot spot like shortstop yet. His off season bat development needs to improve by leaps and bounds in order to compete in this level.

Kevin Towers should have starting pitching as a main concern and with the new talent he snagged, better players should start seeing the Padres as a contending team. KT has a big job this winter and will be hard pressed for local support if he screws up our first year downtown.

Go Padres
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