Twas the night after baseball <br> And all through the Q<br> Not a Padre was stirring<br> There was nothing to do

The banners were pulled
From the light stands with care
In hopes that at Petco
We'd find new ones up there

The fans had all entered
Not one empty seat
Only what we saw was
The final act a defeat

We saw Dave and Tony
And got a new cap
But left broken hearted
For our own winters nap

But off in the distance
Just barely 5 miles away
Lay the new house of Champions
Where my Padres will play

So on Nevin on Klesko
And on Giles and on Hoffman
On Peavy, on Lawrence
And on Burroughs and on Eaton

He was chubby and plump
But wise on the diamond
Securing new talent Oh
How that KT could find them

A left handed pitcher
And then maybe a right
A more solid bullpen
To help close out the night
Then finally a back stop
And a hitter or two
And then re-signing Rod Beck
Yes maybe that'll due

But for now we're in mourning
See the season is done
But even in defeat Jerry
You can hang a star on that one.

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