Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

Ok, I can admit when I'm wrong. I predicted a 100 game losing season and I was wrong. The fact that I was only wrong by a little bit, has no consolidation for a displaced San Diego Padre fan.

I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because I'm grumpy. The Charger's can't get it going, Sunday's game aside, and the Padres are making more promises than most CEO's these days.

I've been reading all the mail, the stories, the HYPE about next season. The old saying "actions speak louder than words" keeps chiming through my head like an old song that keeps coming back to you 20 years later. I've been fooled by these words and the Padres so many times I just don't believe that anything will really happen next year to get the Padres where we were promised they'd be, "When we move into a new stadium." Let's see how this works Mr. and Mrs. Fan in San Diego.

I can imagine this sort of dialog behind some closed doors a few years ago…. Back when someone named Kevin Brown was pitching for the Good Guys and things were looking good….

"Ok everyone, we want a new stadium. Anyone have any ideas? Come on, this is a brainstorming session. All ideas are good. Don't hold back no matter how far fetched they are.

"I think we should spend a bit of money, get some quality, established players, make a run at a pennant and possible the World Series. Sell the quality of the club, our long range vision to the city and fans, hire the best people we can get and then sell the idea of a new stadium. We'll need it to stay competitive. Once the idea is sold, we'll pull the plug and wait. Keep some quality around so that we don't lose all the fan base and support and wait until we get our way. The fever will be so high, no one will care. If we hint that we'd be willing to move, that'll expedite things too! Once we get close to moving into the new stadium, we'll get a few more new players; spend a bit more on salaries and try to sell ‘the vision' again to the fans. The fan base will be smaller now but who cares? We can still fill the stadium up because it doesn't seat as many. Following the basic supply and demand rules we can raise the price of seats too. If we lose, we can continue to sell the team as, "building for the future". No one will remember we've been stating that for years. We'll even go out and sign players we used to have in our system but weren't good enough then and certainly aren't good enough now. We'll be sure to keep Tony around when we move into the stadium and we'll let the Aztec's play on the field before anyone else. I mean they're the only College Baseball team in San Diego, right? They deserve special treatment, don't they?"

You see the picture… It sounds like another San Diego team that plays another sport that has to have a new stadium too, although they haven't been able to execute on even making the playoffs.

Yes, I'm hopeful, despite my Rant and Raves but – do I think much will really change? Nope. No way. It's another promise like those we've heard before, over and over again like a worn out record. For those younger fans, a record was a popular music recording device when there were names like Nate Colbert, Randy Jones, etc. around.

Sure, the Padre's have new uniforms. Does that help them play better? Nope. Can they sell new hats, jerseys, etc.? Yep. It's all about money and it's a business as it should be and the Fans are paying the price.

My prediction? The team won't be a contender. Let's face it. They'll have a few new players, spend some more money and then make excuses. From the top down, I don't really see a Baseball organization. I like Bochy but, that's it really. He coaches with what he's got. When I read about the other coaches, management, etc., in the Padres organization I think to myself, "Who are these people? Did they ever excel at what they did in Baseball?"

Case in point, the owner has a family member working in the organization who admitted she didn't know anything about Baseball. Can I have a job? I don't know what I'm talking about either as evidenced in this article. I could be George from Seinfeld but working for the Padres!

Nope, it'll be another memorable season for sure. I'm just not sure if those memories will be good or bad. Never mind, I know. At least we'll get to witness all the hype, etc. for months to come to keep our minds off last year. At least the Yankee's didn't win the World Series but, have you seen what the Marlins are doing? Yep, asking for a new stadium. I bet the Padres can pick up some Marlin players this off-season.

By the way, can I have one of those new SD Padre Baseball caps? They look great!

Kevin McIntyre can be reached at kevin_mcintyre@access4cheap.com

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